5 Tips on What Makes an Ad Persuasive

Persuasion may not be the initial goal of every TV ad, but when you want to make an immediate impact on consumer behavior and generate an increase in short-term sales; your ads need to be persuasive.

We're sharing five tips about how persuasion in advertising can be effective. Download the Marketing Knowledge Point to learn more.

  1. Advertising can work by Persuasion.
    Persuasion is just one way to go but it’s an important indicator of a short-term sales response; especially for new brands.
  2. Make Persuasion your goal if you have meaningful news.
    The persuasive power of your ad will be stronger if your target audience finds the message new, relevant, credible and different
  3. This is true across media channels.
    We find the same pattern globally, across all categories and media we study
  4. Immediate persuasion is unlikely if enjoyment is poor.
    If an ad is strongly disliked, it can hurt an ad’s persuasive power
  5. Persuasion may not be the best goal.
    If there’s no meaningful news it’s unlikely that Persuasion will be a useful metric. Instead, focus on other measures; consistent, well-branded, impactful advertising (as measured by Millward Brown’s Awareness Index) can generate long-term sales without news.