The role of digital in optimising ad spend in Southeast Asia

It’s a complex and intense world for brands striving to create competitive advantage and drive business growth.

There are now vast opportunities to connect with audiences in a variety of different ways and places, however more channels to choose from also means that there are more potential pitfalls. An ill-judged media investment strategy runs the risk of eating into budgets but not having any demonstrable effect on brand metrics, hampering growth on two fronts.

With more channels available, marketers need to consider a media channel’s reach and impact efficiency, in conjunction with spend, to ensure that they are striking the right balance. In a time where marketing budgets are being constantly squeezed, understanding the effectiveness of channels, both digital and traditional, is critical to driving efficiency and strong return on investment.

Squaring Reach and Impact, the latest report from Kantar, looks at the role of digital in optimising ad spend in Southeast Asia and provides recommendations for marketers looking to create the optimal media mix.

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