5 Tips for Mobile Marketing Success

Marketing on mobile devices can be highly effective but it has the potential to irritate people more than most other forms of advertising.

To capitalize on the advantages of mobile, advertisers should focus on engagement, relevance and rewards. Download the Marketing Knowledge Point to learn more.

Mobile ads typically impact brand and ad awareness, message association, favorability, and purchase intent to a much greater extent than online ads. Here are a few tips to make your mobile marketing efforts successful:

  1. Optimize your ads for mobile.
    Don’t simply repurpose online campaigns for mobile. Build mobile into the creative development process at the start of a campaign.
  2. Make ads engaging and offer rewards to increase the success of mobile campaigns.
    Humor, when done well can be effective. Rewards can be a good way to prevent ad skipping.
  3. Be sure your brand is highly visible.
    Use a branding element on each frame of the ad. Be sure the brand is placed upfront for skippable ad formats.
  4. Tailor your message and delivery to the specific time and location of the consumer.
    Relevance is extremely important to improving receptivity.
  5. Respect the consumer – wait for a natural break in content before trying to engage them.
    Millward Brown’s recent AdReaction Video study showed attitudes are least favorable toward pop-ups, auto-play and non-skippable ad formats.