Candidates as Brands

Millward Brown measured the Brand Power of the U.S. presidential candidates as they would any brand – on the basis of their Meaning, Difference and Salience – and compared performance with 100,000 commercial brands in the BrandZ brand equity database.

Brands were measured twice – first in April among 1,001 likely voters, and then in July among 500 likely voters.

The study explores each brand’s Power and their similarities with consumer brands. With brand Clinton, we found a reliable, though not necessarily innovative, brand, similar to the United States Postal Service and Visit Florida. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, we found, amongst 100,000 brands, no comparisons for the Trump brand. And though now out of the race, we see that Brand Sanders aligns with disruptive brands including JetBlue and Instagram and provides some important lessons for marketers on the importance of Meaning.

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