Cross Media

Improve cross media campaign performance and boost ROI

Are all elements of your ad campaign working together to build your brand?

Kantar Millward Brown’s Cross Media solutions deliver the insight needed to plan and run successful campaigns across channels and screens. We help marketers, agencies and media owners develop smart and effective 360-degree marketing programs. Our solutions look beyond exposure to paid advertising including TV, print, online, mobile and social. We also consider the role of non-traditional touch points such as sponsorship, events, PR, word of mouth, and retail based activities as part of a campaign’s overall effect.

Kantar Millward Brown's Cross Media solutions are the global industry standard for measuring integrated media campaigns across the growing number of channels available to reach audiences today.

Why work with us?

  • We understand media effects and measure the branding impact of your media channels independently and in combination
  • We determine the most cost-efficient media combinations for your brand to reach your target audiences, and we test the impact of shifting budgets from one medium to another to find the best media mix
  • We identify which media are working the hardest to drive campaign impact and brand growth to increase your ROI

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