Brand Lift Insights

Maximize advertising impact on brand perceptions

How can you evaluate and optimize digital ad campaigns?

Kantar Millward Brown’s Brand Lift Insights solution evaluates the branding impact of digital, mobile and social ad campaigns across all formats. Get critical metrics to understand the awareness and opinions of your consumers as a result of your advertising. We offer a range of services to meet your needs from self-service tools to deeper, in-market evaluations of brand impact as well as several tiers of consulting services.

Our solution uses a survey-based approach and control/exposed research design to measure the difference in attitudes between two groups of consumers – those who have seen the advertising and those who haven’t – to determine the effects of advertising exposure. Brand Lift Insights offers best-in-class data, the newest technologies, and an easy to use, interactive dashboard.

We help clients determine which elements of a campaign are the most or least effective so campaigns and budgets can be optimized. We’ll help you answer these questions often asked by the CMO and CFO of an organization: Are our digital, mobile and social ads changing consumer perceptions of our brand? Is our advertising contributing to long-term brand equity?

Why work with us?

  • We help optimize campaigns in real time for maximum brand impact
  • To benchmark campaign performance against the industry's largest normative database
  • We’ll help you plan more effective and efficient digital branding campaigns with expert insights

How can you get a complete view of digital effectiveness?

Brand Lift Insights can be enhanced by three complementary solutions.

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