Custom Ad Testing

Advertising optimization & custom solutions

Is your ad strong enough to run? How can you make it stronger?

Kantar Millward Brown's Link™ copy-testing solution is the most comprehensive in the industry to assess, predict and optimize advertising performance. We use direct questioning, neuroscience methods and behavioral measurement to test consumer engagement and response to creative.

Strong creative content can impact short- and long-term sales, drive brand growth and improve your ROI. Use Link, our custom copy-testing solution to know if your ads will meet business objectives. We can help optimize the ads you have tested, if necessary, and advise on future advertising development. Link is validated to measure the effectiveness of advertising in driving short-term sales and long-term brand growth.

Why work with us?

  • Over 40 years of advertising development, optimization and effectiveness measurement
  • A global network of more than 85 offices in 55 countries
  • The world's most robust databases – 130,000 ads copy tested
  • 20 years of digital advertising experience

When working within a tighter time frame or smaller budget, you can still test your advertising and improve ROI using our LinkExpress services that deliver results in 48 hours, and include analysis from a Kantar Millward Brown expert. Results are delivered through an interactive dashboard. And, our LinkNow automated solutions can deliver results in as few as 6 hours, at a low cost, if you're on a tight deadline.

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