Automated Testing

Ad testing delivers results in a day

Is your ad strong enough to run?

Does one execution perform better than another?

Improve ROI with our fast, low-cost copy testing solution, LinkNow. Test TV, print, outdoor, POS, online video, display, mobile or social advertising in as few as 6 hours. Get a fast read to know if your ads are strong enough to run before they go live.

Test one ad or multiple executions to select the strongest ad, know if cut downs and edits are effective, check if an ad that worked well in one country will work in another or see how your competitor's ads are doing. LinkNow for Digital shows how each ad you test performs versus norms across key success metrics, and provides validated, digital-specific metrics for Breakthrough and Persuasion.

Choose our LinkNow self-service tools for Digital, TV, print, outdoor or POS at or contact Kantar Millward Brown to request the full-service option and we'll set up your study and take you through the results. Full service also includes a validated Impact Score, and where norms allow, the Power Indicator (our long-term equity metric).

Why work with us?

  • Fast turn around time
  • Do-it-yourself or full-service options
  • Validated metrics
  • Easy to use interactive dashboards
  • Increased ROI and smart budget allocation

If you need a fast turn time but deeper insights, our LinkExpress services deliver results in 48 hours, and include analysis from a Kantar Millward Brown expert. Results are delivered through an interactive dashboard. We also have Custom ad-testing solutions to help optimize individual ads or larger campaigns. All Kantar Millward Brown advertising solutions provide validated metrics and integrate neuroscience methods and behavioral data.

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