Ad Development

Define brand purpose before developing advertising

What's the right impression for your brand

Which platforms should you use across markets?

Some of our clients are well ahead of the game and have a clearly defined brand purpose. They know how to leverage what differentiates them from the competition, and they know what message they want to deliver. Others need help identifying and articulating their brand purpose to ensure it uniquely addresses human truths, deciding how best to deliver then right impressions, and which platforms to use.

Kantar Millward Brown will review your brand building history and help create a foundation to be sure you're leveraging what's Meaningful (meets consumer needs), Different (unique and sets trends) and Salient (top of mind) about your brand before you come up with that “big idea” and dive into the costly development of an ad campaign. We can also help you find that big idea, make sure it has legs – and if you're a global brand, ensure it will work across markets.

Our global qualitative group leads our early advertising development projects which closely align with our Link™ copy-testing framework and advertising tracking solutions. We also partner with GutCheck on our agile qualitative marketing solution, Pre-LinkNow.

Why work with us?

  • Over 20 years of advertising development experience
  • The industry's largest qualitative network with offices in 49 countries
  • The world's most robust databases – 130,000 ads copy tested
  • 20 years of digital advertising experience
  • A consistent advertising framework from early stage to finished ads

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