Link for Video: Evaluating the Power of Video Across Contexts Using Neuroscience, Behavioural and Survey Measures

Link for Video, Kantar Millward Brown’s new creative development solution uses neuroscience, behavioural and survey measures to evaluate the power of video developed for TV both in its evolving form and digital contexts.

Programmatic Advertising: The Impact on Brand and Delivery Metrics and What Advertisers Can Do to Maximise Returns

Programmatic adoption continues to soar globally, but it hasn’t yet realised its entire brand building potential against upper funnel metrics like awareness and communication. Marketers need to adopt best practices for campaign planning and measurement to maximize returns.

Generation Curious – Why Technology Brings out Our Inner Child

The Generation Curious research report explores consumer curiosity in a digital and mobile world. Learn how marketers can modify their approach to access consumer curiosity in ways which are accepted and even welcome.

Digital Transformation of Tracking

Disruption is driving transformation across many business solutions and brand tracking is no exception. Read our latest paper on the digital transformation of tracking.

AdReaction: Gen X, Y and Z

AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z is the first global study to reveal Gen Z’s behaviours, attitudes and responses to advertising to help marketers understand the similarities and differences between the generations and how to effectively engage them.

Connected Life

Learn how connectivity is changing the behaviour of people online across 57 countries. Explore Kantar TNS’ annual Connected Life study to learn the latest about media consumption, brand engagement touchpoints, eCommerce drivers, social media and more.

Lessons from the Rio 2016 Olympics

Big brands invested heavily in marketing initiatives for the Rio 2016 2016 Olympic Games. Estimates indicate that global Olympic sponsorships cost marketers upwards of $200 million. This report evaluates generational consumption of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the US, and examines the impact of Olympic marketing in terms of both ad spend and creative best practices.

Making the Most of Facebook Video Content

The appeal of TV advertising has been its quick and efficient reach of broad target audiences. Today’s connected consumers are very different due to the rapid rise of mobile internet usage and the increase video consumption. Consumers now watch a staggering 8 billion video views per day on Facebook alone. Channel choice and investment decisions have become critical for marketers and media buyers. Read the report.

Candidates as Brands

Millward Brown measured the Brand Power of the U.S. presidential candidates as they would any brand – on the basis of their Meaning, Difference and Salience – and compared performance with 100,000 commercial brands in the BrandZ brand equity database. The study explores each brand’s Power and their similarities with consumer brands.

Getting Digital Right 2016

Although marketers are more confident in the use of big data, challenges remain around understanding shifts in consumer behavior. A clear picture of the touchpoints that influence consumers along their decision journey will help brands determine the right media mix to reach them. Getting this right will be critical for success in today’s connected world.

BrandZ Spotlight on Myanmar

After decades of isolation, there are clear signals that significant change is under way in Myanmar. People will likely move quickly from limited internet access to a nation of mobile-connected consumers. We can only imagine what these kinds of evolutionary jumps might mean. GDP is forecast by the World Bank to reach 7.8 per cent in 2016, and 8.5 per cent in 2017. By 2020, Myanmar is forecast to have a middle class of over 10 million people. The new BrandZ™ report from WPP and Millward Brown shows there is clearly early mover advantage for brands entering Myanmar now.

The Digital Life of Dads

This report examines the online behaviors of dads – their device usage, engagement with content, and interaction with brands – and provides practical considerations and best practices for engaging this audience.

The Digital Life of Moms

Moms control approximately $2 trillion in purchasing power in the U.S., so reaching this segment of the population is important to many marketers.

Multiscreen Video Best Practices

Millward Brown partnered with the IAB and Tremor Video on this report to help marketers and publishers understand which aspects of mobile video advertising are most important in reaching and engaging audiences, and how these vary by generation.

Digital & Media Predictions 2016

Millward Brown's digital and media experts look at the new year, and share their thoughts on how brands can connect with consumers and drive

AdReaction – Video Creative in a Digital World

Millward Brown’s AdReaction Video is a 42-country study that explores video viewing behavior of multiscreen users across devices to help marketers understand how to develop effective video advertising.

Getting Digital Right 2015

Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and Wearables are everywhere and new technology is perpetually on the horizon. Words like “multiscreen” and “programmatic” have taken over the conversation. Now marketers face the challenge of keeping abreast of all this while coming up with innovative and efficient ways to execute winning marketing strategies. This report, Millward Brown Digital’s 2nd annual Getting Digital Right study, provides an overview of the state of digital. With input from over 400 marketers spanning brands, media companies, and agencies, we summarize their insights and perspectives on getting digital right.

The Value of a Digital Ad

The rapid evolution of digital advertising in the last decade has presented increasing complexity in measuring its impact. The diverse measurement metrics for advertising ultimately boil down to two key areas: campaign delivery and brand/sales effect. These combine to measure ROI. Read our report.

Driving Customer-Centric Growth

Millward Brown launches Insights2020, a global marketing leadership initiative focused on aligning insights and analytics strategy, structure and capability to drive business growth. Learn more about our Insights2020 partners the leadership Board.

2015 Digital & Media Predictions

Millward Brown's digital and media experts from around the world annually share their predictions for the year ahead, forecasting important trends and providing recommendations to help marketers drive brand growth.