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How Should Voiceovers Be Used in Ads?

Voiceovers are commonly used in ads across the world, and they seem to aid the communication of factual messages. However, voiceovers are less commonly associated with distinctive ads, and continuous voiceovers can result in lower engagement. Additionally, the manner in which a voiceover ties in with an ad’s visual content is critical: When voiceovers and visuals compete, the voiceover message can get lost.

The Value of Advertising a Launch

Most successful launches are supported by strong advertising. The quality of launch advertising can affect the development of both brand awareness and trial. And, as with all good advertising, it must clearly communicate a motivating message and focus on branded memorability.

How to Make the Best Use of Music in an Ad

When used well, music can be a powerful enhancement for an ad. Although the use of music does not automatically confer benefits, the inspired use of the right music can affect every aspect of an ad’s performance.

Do TV Ads “Wear Out”?

Broadly speaking, the response generated by a TV ad doesn’t change much over time. True “wearout” of a TV ad is rare, and many TV ads could have a longer useful life than advertisers realize.

Are You Getting Digital Right?

Millward Brown Digital and Millward Brown Vermeer conducted a study of marketing executives to better understand the pain points preventing their teams from achieving marketing nirvana in an ever-evolving digital world. Read the report to see how your brand compares.

AdReaction 2014 | Marketing in a multiscreen world

This global report, covering 30 countries, takes a look at multiscreen use and consumer receptivity to advertising across devices (TVs, smartphones, laptops and tablets) in today's rapidly evolving marketing environment.

Interactive Report

AdReaction 2014 | USA Version

In addition to quantitative data used across all countries, the United States AdReaction analysis integrated qualitative and behavioral research methods to understand consumer mindsets and motivators for multiscreening.

Digital & Media Predictions 2014

What will be the most popular multi-screen marketing trends for 2014? See what Millward Brown’s experts from around the world have to say in their annual digital and media predictions.

Navigating the New Path to Purchase

Millward Brown Digital’s ebook gives marketers context and insight into the evolving path to purchase across several verticals as well as advice on building a strategy to better shape their marketing efforts. Our goal is to enable marketers to make strategic shifts, to quantify and qualify consumer behavior, and to take action.

AdReaction 2012 — US Report

The AdReaction 2012 study was designed to understand what marketers need to know to explore advertising in the mobile space with confidence. While there are many examples of early successes in mobile marketing, it remains new territory for many. Technology has raised the bar for advertisers, and consumers now expect more – marketers must master the delicate balance of effectively connecting with consumers without overstepping boundaries.

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Digital & Media Predictions 2013

What trends will take hold in 2013 and radically alter the way marketers interact with consumers? Millward Brown’s Global Futures Group makes its annual predictions.

AdReaction 2012: Marketing in the Mobile World

The AdReaction 2012 study was conducted using qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies across 18 countries. The study was designed to understand what marketers need to know to explore advertising in the mobile space with confidence.

2012 Effie Report

The 2012 Effie Report includes insights from Millward Brown's analysis of North American Effie Award entries, including Effie-winning campaigns. This inaugural report is a partnership between Effie Worldwide and Millward Brown. Fourteen industry leaders – including Mary Ann Packo, CEO, North America, Millward Brown, contributed commentary.

Putting Social Media in Context, Part 3

How have social media platforms revealed new avenues of insight and analysis? In the final part of Kantar’s Social Media in Context trilogy, Anne Czernek, a Senior Research Analyst with the Emerging Media Lab, Dynamic Logic, Millward Brown Digital , discusses the future of brand measurement.

Putting Social Media in Context, Part 2

In part 2 of Kantar's three-part Social Media in Context series, David Barrowcliff, Millward Brown, outlines the structure of social networks, and the ramifications for brands trying to utilize the space.

Putting Social Media in Context, Part 1

Kantar companies have teamed up to put social media in context. In Part 1 of this three-part series, Millward Brown's Duncan Southgate, Digital Global Brand Director, offers five suggestions for keeping fan pages fresh.