Research & Reports

Getting Media Right: Marketing in Motion

Our 6th annual study examines the evolving roll of marketing in managing and influencing the motion of insights and information throughout all aspects of the business.

Mastering Momentum

In today's volatile and time-pressed world, how can you combat data short-sightedness and improve your chances of achieving sustainable growth? Our latest report offers five recommendations on how to turn short-term success into long-term growth.

AdReaction: Getting Gender Right

Our latest AdReaction report focuses on how gender progressive advertising can help grow your brand. The report delivers new insights into the role of gender in brand strategy, creative response and media targeting.

Getting Media Right 2018

5th annual study looks at the challenges marketers face and the opportunities for creating breakthrough marketing in a connected world

How Disruption Can Fuel Brand Growth

How Disruption Can Fuel Brand Growth, highlights 8 steps conventional brands can take to drive growth, and explores success stories that demonstrate a range of strategies which have led to growth for brands across different categories. While every brand can't be an Amazon, Netflix or Airbnb, just a 1% change in market share for an established brand can deliver significant growth. Learn more

AdReaction: The art of integration

This report includes insights from a 45-country consumer survey, and highlights steps for success in developing successful multichannel marketing campaigns.

5 Principles to Drive Brand Growth

In a world of 24/7 data, marketers can make fast and knowledgeable brand decisions to gain competitive advantage. Learn more.

Make a Lasting Impression

This reports outlines 5 Principles for creating successful ads that will drive sales and brand growth.

Getting Media Right 2017

As marketers diversify their media allocation across more and more channels, they’re looking for a holistic view of their advertising and media effectiveness. Read the new report to learn what advertisers, agencies and media companies are thinking.

The Power of the Big Screen

Cinema has proved to be a powerful and emotionally engaging medium for brands in Australia. Read 5 tips on the effectiveness of adding cinema ads to the media mix.


While there are many routes to successful advertising, storytelling can be a powerful form.

Ads that tell a story tend to generate stronger emotional responses, and stronger cut through. But to be effective, their structure needs to emphasise the brand, and the intended impressions.

Link for Video: Evaluating the power of video across contexts using neuroscience, behavioural and survey measures

Link for Video, Kantar Millward Brown’s new creative development solution uses neuroscience, behavioural and survey measures to evaluate the power of video developed for TV both in its evolving form and digital contexts.

Programmatic Advertising: The impact on brand and delivery metrics and what advertisers can do to maximise returns

Programmatic adoption continues to soar globally, but it hasn’t yet realised its entire brand building potential against upper funnel metrics like awareness and communication. Marketers need to adopt best practices for campaign planning and measurement to maximize returns.

Generation Curious – Why Technology Brings out Our Inner Child

The Generation Curious research report explores consumer curiosity in a digital and mobile world. Learn how marketers can modify their approach to access consumer curiosity in ways which are accepted and even welcome.

Digital Transformation of Tracking

Disruption is driving transformation across many business solutions and brand tracking is no exception. Read our latest paper on the digital transformation of tracking.

AdReaction: Gen X, Y and Z

AdReaction: Engaging Gen X, Y and Z is the first global study to reveal Gen Z’s behaviours, attitudes and responses to advertising to help marketers understand the similarities and differences between the generations and how to effectively engage them.

Connected Life

Learn how connectivity is changing the behaviour of people online across 57 countries. Explore Kantar TNS’ annual Connected Life study to learn the latest about media consumption, brand engagement touchpoints, eCommerce drivers, social media and more.

Bad Advertising Can Help Competing Brands

Kantar Millward Brown has long argued that strong branding is a prerequisite to successful advertising. If advertising associations don’t easily come to mind when consumers think about the brand, the advertising is less likely to have an effect. Yet, even worse, weak ads can actually benefit competing brands.

Lessons from the Rio 2016 Olympics

Big brands invested heavily in marketing initiatives for the Rio 2016 2016 Olympic Games. Estimates indicate that global Olympic sponsorships cost marketers upwards of $200 million. This report evaluates generational consumption of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the US, and examines the impact of Olympic marketing in terms of both ad spend and creative best practices.

Making the Most of Facebook Video Content

The appeal of TV advertising has been its quick and efficient reach of broad target audiences. Today’s connected consumers are very different due to the rapid rise of mobile internet usage and the increase video consumption. Consumers now watch a staggering 8 billion video views per day on Facebook alone. Channel choice and investment decisions have become critical for marketers and media buyers. Read the report.