Ninety-five Per Cent Wrong

Researching the instant meaning of brands yields a different picture of consumer choice, writes Graham Page, executive vice-president at Millward Brown

Develop Great Creative for Your Video Ads and Maximize Viral Potential

The strength of creative is an important factor that will influence whether an ad will go viral. To identify the creative criteria for viral success, Millward Brown recently conducted a research study on the power of viral video ads.

From Tartan to Tablets: Apple Stores Hire Further Blurs Lines Between Fashion, Tech

From Google Glass to connected watches, to clothing that monitors your activity levels, there’s been a lot of conversation about the merging worlds of fashion and technology. This week, Apple added to this dialog when they named Angela Ahrendts to senior vice president of retail and online stores. Coming from a remarkably successful tenure as the CEO of Burberry, Ahrendts brings valuable luxury fashion brand perspective and experience to the challenges faced by Apple.

Sharpening the Arrow: The Value of Modern Targeting Approaches

As the modern media landscape continues to fragment, advertisers are presented with a multitude of media choices. It can be a challenge to understand which media to employ, and understand how these fit in a wider communications plan. Leonie Gates-Sumner analyses how targeted media can help deliver the brand impact of multimedia campaigns.

Reciprocity, Rewards and Real Breakthrough

This deep dive on what drives loyalty and engagement in mobile advertising has its origins in Millward Brown’s AdReaction study. AdReaction is a biannual study that probes audiences’ attitudes towards advertising. A key finding of the 2012 AdReaction was that tangible value could be key to an effective mobile presence.

The Art of Successful Mobile Brand Advertising

In celebration of creativity and in preparation for the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the IAB has created a unique, comprehensive view of today’s mobile creative best practices.

Digital - The Power & The Peril

Advertisers must understand these 5 things if they want to stop wasting money—and alienating consumers—in digital.

The Magic Number "Eight"

Peter Walshe, Global BrandZ™ Director reflects on the brands that have held the position as eighth in its BrandZ™ Top100 ranking of the Most Valuable Global Brands. The 2013 rankings to be announced on Tuesday, May 21st.

The Meaningfully Different Framework - A Breakthrough in Holistic Brand Equity Measurement

Millward Brown launched BrandDynamics™ in 1996 and it soon became the industry leading measure of brand equity. Since then the world has changed dramatically and science has taught us far more about how the human brain works and how people make decisions. Consequently, the rules of marketing have changed and we’ve continued to learn and to develop and improve our frameworks to measure and understand brand value.

The ValueDrivers Model

Gordon Pincott and Kantar Millward Brown's Nigel Hollis, Chief Global Analyst, outline the framework that was developed for brands to maximize their potential for growth by delivering a brand experience that is meaningfully different from others, and then amplifying that difference.

Effective Advertising: Harnessing the Power of Creativity defines creativity as "the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationship, or the like, to create meaningful ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations." As researchers, we naturally want to know more, so Millward Brown evaluated award-winning advertising to determine if there was a common set of traits that all or most creative advertising possesses.

China’s Changing Media Landscape

China’s media environment is extremely dynamic, powerful, complex and fragmented. There are opportunities for businesses looking to enter the market to tell a powerful story that wins customers and builds loyalty, but they need to understand and adapt their marketing to the ways people use media today. In this article, Jason Spencer discusses why China’s changing media landscape is an opportunity to build brands, and suggests some ways in which marketers should be embracing it.

The Chinese Golden Weeks in Fast Growth Cities

Examining the purchasing attitudes and behaviors of consumers in China's fastest growing cities during the Golden Week shopping festivals can benefit brands and retailers currently in China—or planning to be present in the near future. This WPP report does exactly that.

Emerging Luxury Strategies: Insights from BrandZ

Luxury brands grew by 15% in the 2012 BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands, more than any other category. Nick Cooper, Managing Director of Millward Brown Optimor Europe, explains key trends and identifies themes for luxury strategists.

Olympic Sponsorship: Brands Get the Gold

Anticipation for the Olympic Games is palpable. Will Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympian ever? Will Usain Bolt stun the world once again? Billions of viewers from around the world are tuning in to watch the Games this summer as athletes battle it out for the top spot on the podium, making the London Games the most watched Olympics ever.

On Our Doorstep: The African Growth Story

While everyone was getting excited about the potential of the BRIC nations, Africa quietly emerged as the real growth story. According to the latest UN World Population Prospects report, Africa will be the fastest-growing continent "by any measure" over the course of the 21st century, and investors are understandably interested.

Digital Media Planning: Some Evidence Based Guidelines

When planning your media campaign it is important to understand the strengths of each format, how audiences respond to them and how they can work together.

Millward Brown has created some simple guidelines for marketers who want to make the most effective use of all forms of digital media - from websites to online video, social media and mobile - as part of an integrated campaign.

Making Online Display Work Harder for Your Brand

The days of solely measuring online campaign success on a cost per click or lead-generation basis are fading fast with digital now a mainstream medium.

How a Brand’s Ideals Can Fuel its Growth

The most successful brands and businesses in the world are built around something other than just making profit: They are built around ideals. In the April issue of Quirk's, Benoit Garbe, Vice President, Millward Brown Optimor, explains how brands can serve a higher purpose to ultimately drive growth and profit.

Jim Stengel and Millward Brown Team Up to Deliver New Approach to Brand Growth

Jim Stengel, former GMO of P&G, commissioned a study with an internal team and Millward Brown Optimor as an external partner. Together they identified 25 businesses as having grown fastest over a five-year period that shared a common characteristic: they “were organized around ideals of improving people’s lives, and activated these ideals throughout their business ecosystems.”