Build Both Brand Salience and Loyalty

Marketers can’t just pick one side in the loyalty or salience debate. Building salience and creating a brand positioning that drives affinity are both key to maximising marketing effectiveness.

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10 Ways to Get Your Brand on the Online Shopping List

In a relatively flat market, e-commerce is the one part of grocery shopping that is growing. Last year this growth was 15% to a value of $48bn, and its forecast to rise to $150bn globally by 2025.

Conquering Consumers in Hard Times: Promotional pricing v.s. brand building

Brands have to make tough strategic decisions during an economic downturn. What is the right balance between creating promotions to meet consumer needs and maintaining and building brand equity?

Lessons in Relationship-building from Latin America

Brands in Latin America and Europe have been faced with the same economic challenges over the past 10 years and can learn a lot from studying each other.

Being Trendy Means Going Back to Basics


Brands that grasp the ambiguity between local and global, and rational and emotional have done well in Argentina during the economic downturn of the past two years.

Is There a Winner in the Fight Between on and Off?


Brands need to understand the synergies between TV and digital mediums to build brand equity through digital advertising.

The Rise of the Trans-regionalist


Chile has more than 20 trade agreements with over 50 countries around the world, and has established itself as one of the LatAm economies with the highest disposition to global commercial openness.

Brand Environments and Ecosystems in Chile


The Top 15 Chilean brands are good examples of brands that are leveraging ecosystems that generate value for their consumers across multiple points of contact.

Building Strong Brands in a Trend of Proprietary Brands


How do brands remain strong in an age of hyperconsumerism and struggling with an uncertain economy? Only the most powerful brands with robust brand equity will continue to make progress.

How Brands Help New Consumers in LATAM


In Colombia, economic growth is starting to create a middle class and consumers are eager to access a new lifestyle that reflects success that was not available to previous generations.

Living in Uncertain Times


Why Mexican brands need to push the boundaries of success. Consumers have the power over the purchase decision but brands have the capacity to influence their decisions.

If Building Brand Influence Is Not the No. 1 Priority, What Is?


Everything that happens to a business is a consequence of brand influence. Huge influence can mean superb growth. For brands to grow more, marketers need to measure brand influence.

The Power of Peruvian Brands


Brands that build on a strong emotional connection to Peruvian culture succeed in Peru. Those that have increased their power by being Meaningful, Difference or Salient have also remained strong during a slow economy.

Brand Value Proposition


Brands that develop economic downturn marketing strategies that show empathy and support for consumers will make a long-term connections for future growth.

The Power of Us


Peru is one of the world’s most community-minded markets. Brands that highlight the value of the neighborhood, friendship or a sense of nationalism successfully connect with consumers.

The End of Efficiency

If marketers haven’t opened their eyes to the end of the efficiency-driven era, Gen Z and their expectations for digital media suggest they should.

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Opinion / Screenagers and Phubbing

Gen Z, the group just entering adulthood are often labelled as “screenagers”. Similar to early reports on Gen X, there is a good amount of cynicism around this group - but we think it’s misplaced. Gen Z do spend a lot of time looking at screens but they are also a creative, self-aware and resilient generation. Brands should be working hard to gain their attention.

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Making Media Work Better Together in 2017

In today’s media landscape, campaigns are complex, multi-phased and use a multitude of different digital and offline channels. It’s important for advertisers to understand the impact that combining multiple media is having on the efficiency and effectiveness of their media spend.

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Welcome to the Gen Z Challenge

Appealing to Gen Z will require brands to embrace three key paradigm shifts in 2017, and marketers can't afford to take as long to come to grips with Gen Z as they did with millennials.

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Innovative Chinese Brands Ride Digital Wave to Greater Global Reach, Prominence

For decades consumers bought products made in China and branded in the West. Many still hold the outdated view of Chinese brands as makers of inexpensive, low-quality goods. Now, Chinese brands will take a different route to globalization than the one previously taken by American, Japanese, and Korean brands. In the past, businesses were often confined to a single category. Brands from China and other fast-growing markets are strong on digital innovation that often applies across categories. Their expansion not defined by the limits of a category, but by the possibilities of technology.