The Branded Mind

This new book is about how people think, and particularly how people think about brands.

The book explores what we know about the structure of the brain, explains how the different parts of the brain interact, and demonstrates how this relates to current marketing theories on consumer behavior. The author investigates developments in neuroscience and neuromarketing, and how brain science can contribute to marketing and brand building strategies. Based on Millward Brown research, the book touches on key topics such as the nature of feelings, emotions and moods, personality, measuring the brain, consumer behavior and decision-making, and market segmentation.

About the Author

Erik du Plessis, Millward Brown South Africa, is a guest professor at the Copenhagen Business School’s Decision Neuroscience Research Group and a frequent lecturer on neuromarketing. His first book, "The Advertised Mind" was published by Kogan Page in 2005.

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