The Advertised Mind

About the book

The Advertised Mind by Erik du Plessis provides a fascinating and fresh insight into how our brains work and respond to advertising.

Erik du Plessis is CEO of Millward Brown South Africa and formerly ran his own company, Impact, in South Africa. Both Millward Brown and Impact are well known for their expertise in brand and advertising research. Du Plessis’ inspiration for the book came from his early days as a media planner, striving to find ways of actively demonstrating what advertising works, what doesn’t and why. And to deepen our understanding of successful advertising, he takes the reader on a journey that explores four approaches to the human mind:

  • Neurology
  • Psychology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mechanisms of the mind

His study results in a new theory for the design of effective advertising, highlighting key issues for brands and brand advertising.

The forward for The Advertised Mind has been written by Nigel Hollis, Global Director for Strategic Planning and Development at Millward Brown and the book has been widely endorsed by academics and the advertising world.