Marketing to the New Majority

Strategies for a Diverse World

An exploration and analysis of America's increasingly diverse consumer population, and the implications for marketers hoping to connect with this new mainstream.

Today, diversity is the default, not the exception. Minorities are already the majority in some of the largest cities in the United States, and demographers predict that the same will be true of the country as a whole before 2050. Yet companies continue to address the "new general market" as a separate audience from ethnic consumers, rather than acknowledging that the new mainstream is itself multicultural. In addition, many who do target multicultural audiences still employ ad strategies that rely heavily on stereotypes and fail to resonate with minority communities.

Here, David Burgos and Ola Mobolade look at the changed marketplace revealed in the 2010 Census, and show marketers how to develop integrated campaigns that effectively reach today's culturally diverse consumer populations. Drawing on interviews with industry leaders and Millward Brown's vast database of consumer research, Marketing to the New Majority provides a roadmap to the opportunities and challenges of marketing to the new mainstream in a way that feels natural, respectful, and inclusive.

Burgos and Mobolade, both brand experts, provide consulting and research services to a number of leading companies. To learn more about Millward Brown's Cultural Strategy Expertise and how we can help you reach your audience, please contact us.


“These authors succeed twice. Though their painstaking analysis of the 2010 Census data, they alert us to the truth of a new and ultra-complex America. And then they guide us through those complexities: putting up danger signs in front of marketing pitfalls and highlighting the new opportunities. From now on, no US marketing strategy should be signed off until the lessons of this conscientious book have been fully absorbed.”

– Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP

“Marketing to the New Majority reminds markets how important it is to develop and nurture a personal relationship with current and prospective consumers, and proposes a model for how organization can be structured to meet the needs of a multicultural marketplace. Marketers must balance messages and approaches that allow their brands to reach and connect with a diverse world. “

– Beatriz Perez, Chief Marketing Officer, Coca-Cola North America

“Marketing to the New Majority challenges today’s model of multicultural marketing as ‘niche’, and offers new direction for more effectively engaging the diverse mainstream consumer market. Companies who want to accelerate growth need to heed these authors’ advice.”

– Jim Stengel, The Jim Stengel Company, LLC., Procter & Gamble (2001-2008)

“Marketing to the New Majority is a must for those entrusted with selling products and services in the 21st Century. David and Ola have succinctly presented the realities of the data, the limitations of the current go-to-market strategies – and most importantly, they’ve given us the tools for honest self-assessment of our own readiness to play and win in this new and exciting era of diversity. This book is mind opening and game changing.”

– Mcghee Williams Osse, Co-CEO, Burrell Communications Group

“Finally, a fresh perspective on the actual make-up of the increasingly ‘ethnic’ U.S. marketplace, how best to reach this new American majority and an honest view of the corporate and agency paradigm and initiatives that often fall short of addressing actual market needs. This analysis goes beyond the traditional ethnic segmentations and marketing tactics and addresses life stage and psychographic behavioral drivers – providing insightful marketing recommendations from both the consumer and agency perspective.”

– Yvonne Montanino, Multicultural Consumer & Market Insights, Unilever

“Too often marketers are hampered in their efforts to successfully build brand awareness in so-called minority consumer groups because the companies they work for continue to view their customer as a homogeneous general market. This book will make the marketers job easier. It is dense with insights into the realities of the growing diversity of the contemporary marketplace—and the statistics that underpin them.”

– Andrea Hoffman, CEO, Diversity Affluence and Author of Black is the New Green

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