A Brand with Power

New book release about 360° activation of an ideal sponsorship.

A Brand with Power: Fuelling Success in the Energy Market

Deregulation is causing the utilities market to change across much of the globe. In the free market, state-owned monopolies have been replaced by an array of companies selling gas, electricity and water.

Many energy companies now face a market in which brand identity plays an increasingly important role in determining future success. In order to differentiate themselves from the competition, energy providers must evolve from faceless, invisible companies into household names with a brand that goes beyond price and product and presents a unique way to connect with consumers.

From dusty monopoly to Danish Energy giant, this book explores how DONG shook off its outdated image and completely transformed itself into an innovative and dynamic company with a strong brand.

Drawing on the expertise of Millward Brown, Media Broker and Kunde & Co., DONG used a great sponsorship opportunity and a strong concept to bring the company through the difficult deregulation process, securing their position in a tough European energy market.

Copies of A Brand with Power are available in English and Danish for €20 plus VAT and postage. Please email dongbook@millwardbrown.dk stating your name, address, the number of books you wish to order and which language you require.