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China’s Brands are Globally Born to Run

If ‘Made in China’ makes you think of inexpensive, low quality goods, think again. Today’s young generation of global consumers – especially those in established markets – are becoming more positive.

How strong brands today prepare for the path ahead

What determines that todays strong brands will be strong brands in the future? Learn what a recent “Brands Ahead” study from Kantar TNS and Grey tells us in this article by Hartmut Scheffer, Kantar TNS.

German Engineering...

Reliability, Self-similarity and Iconography, and Substance over Appearance are three key properties that sets the German market apart from any other. Read the article by Christoph Prox, Kantar Added Value.

Building value for budget brands

Budget brands may have an advantage over their premium priced competitors but they should stay focused on brand building. Read more to learn how low-cost brands can use brand experience to demonstrate their purpose, and grow value.

Media & Digital Predictions 2018

Our experts weigh in on emerging trends in Media & Digital Predictions 2018.

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How Social Media Is Changing the Conversation

Gen Z is the digital generation but brands shouldn’t allocate 100 percent of budgets to digital – they need to find a balance and synergies between both digital and traditional

5 Rules for Creating Memorable Ads

Ads that are emotionally engaging and build memorable and lasting impressions are more effective than ads that merely deliver an explicit message. Deliver functional brand benefits creatively, and integrate the brand throughout the ad.

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What Will Marketing Look like in 2049?

The film, Blade Runner 2049 provides an interesting vision for marketing and brand communications in the not-so-far-off future.

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The Value of Taking a Risk

Both large and small brands are demonstrating the benefits of taking calculated risks. These can fail but in the long term what is more dangerous for your business? Moving forward or standing still?

To Take a Stand or Not to Take a Stand?

Brands are under increasing pressure to have a strong point of view on world events, but what should they consider before taking a side?

Getting Media Right

Top tips for marketers to maximise the effectiveness of their communications across channels.

5 Principles to Drive Brand Growth

In a world of 24/7 data, marketers can make fast and knowledgeable brand decisions to gain competitive advantage. Learn more.

Keeping Your Cool

Turning a disruptive product idea into a successful global brand. At what stage do you start building a brand?

7 Tips for Successful Digital Advertising

While digital ad spend has steadily been growing over the last decade, marketers are starting to challenge the effectiveness of their investments. Find out what we’ve learned from over 20 years of evaluating digital advertising effectiveness.

Getting Media Right in an Age of Integration

Marketers today have a moveable feast of choices with the proliferation of channels and platforms, content creators, formats and brands. Trackability, Trust, and Transparency is high on the agenda for every marketer around the world. Our Getting Media Right study reveals a weighty gap between aspiration and reality for marketers.

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What’s Next?

One of the greatest concerns of clients in recent times has been the declining effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It is no coincidence that this trend has increased as younger generations of consumers have been incorporated into brand strategies and as they occupy a significant place in brands’ business objectives.

Is Your Brand Ready for Voice-first Purchasing?

The number of people who make purchases directly through AI assistants like Alexa, Home or Siri is still relatively low. But this will shift as voice technology improves. What does this mean for brands?

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The Youth of Today: What clicks with Gen Z?

Gen Zs media behaviour, attitude towards brands, response to advertising, and motivations are unique compared to other generations, including millennials.

What If Snap Was Bought by Google?

The BrandZ global database of 3 million+ consumers shows both brands share some core personality traits; Difference, Creativity and Fun, outperforming key competitors in these areas, and suggesting a good fit in the eyes of the consumer.

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A Look in the Mirror: Preparing for the future starts here

Consumers have changed and so has the ecosystem. And, with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), supercomputer cars, and robots the consumer journey is evolving from fast to faster.