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The role of digital in optimising ad spend in Southeast Asia

Squaring Reach and Impact, the latest report from Kantar Millward Brown, looks at the role of digital in optimising ad spend in Southeast Asia and provides recommendations for marketers looking to create the optimal media mix.

Data Visualization, Not Just another Buzz Word

In a world that can be sometimes cynical, it is easy to fall into the habit of thinking that if something is talked about often, especially in business, that it is a ‘Buzz Word’. In some cases this may be true, but the topic of data visualization is not one of these instances.

Leading Disruption

Brands are increasingly challenged to find growth in uncomfortable places. Now more than ever, marketers have to be ready to lead disruption of their particular competitive landscape. 

Leveraging Moments for Brand Growth

The world of marketing has grown and there is a myriad of ways consumers can be targeted from where to reach them to the content you use to get their attention. One option is to identify and own key “moments of consumption”. Mahesh breaks down the five key categories these “moments” fall into.

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Just Do It: Nike puts its money where its mouth is

It is impossible not to be aware of Nike’s new campaign, that stands behind a controversial cultural issue with Colin Kaepernick as the narrator. The ad immediately generated a massive amount of buzz, but it posed a deeper question: Besides getting noticed, will this help or hurt Nike as a brand?

When Companies Rise with Flood Levels, So Can Consumer Perception

With the increase in natural disasters in recent years, many organizations have stepped up to play their part in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). For Hurricane Florence alone, companies across many categories did their part. Consumers are no longer just asking, ‘What do you stand for,’ but also, ‘What do you stand up for?’” It seems to reason that aligning resources with consumer interests can lead to long-term trust and brand loyalty.

Amazon shaping the ‘smart speaker’ Conversation

How do you define true innovation and leadership? To me, truly leading innovation does more than disrupt the established order; it shapes and creates something genuinely ground-breaking, delivering benefit for all consumers and perhaps establishing an entirely new competitive landscape in the process.

How social media builds brands

Brands can be built on Facebook and Instagram, but marketers will be most successful if they also understand the context of the platform. Jane Ostler, Global Head of Media, Insights Division at Kantar, explains best practice.

Financial services brands are missing opportunities with women

Kantar TNS set out to determine whether financial services organisations and their brands are appropriately valuing their women customers, and whether women feel that they are valued customers. We conducted a UK-wide study based on 31,291 interviews and involving more than 650,000 women.

Brands must earn trust before they qualify for love

Without trust there is no love. As todays consumer becomes better informed they look for brands they can trust to deliver on their promises – not just on the products they offer but through everything they do.

World Cup Ads 2018 – Who are the champions?

During this thrilling World Cup, we’ve been keeping an eye on the brand advertising that is focussed on long-term brand building, rather than a short-term sales boost. Results show that the most effective ads tell relatable stories that capture the joyful spirit of the event. Celebrities and big budgets are no passport to success – ‘real’ stories that connect to the brand and what it does are the key to long-term brand building.

Australia Tax, Price Pressure and Competition

Australia tax, an irritation for Australian consumers, is the unique phenomenon that leads to higher prices for goods and services than would be expected from a simple currency conversion. This creates a competitive environment for brands that is ripe for disruptive price plays from both global giants and local start-ups.

Content Creation: Getting to Great in Australia

Australia has one of the world’s most advanced media environments, with share of digital spend eclipsed only by China, the UK, Denmark and Sweden. And, although digital spend is growing, content is missing the mark.

Yes, binge-watching is good for us

The likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have made it easy for many of us to indulge in compulsive binge-watching behaivour. So, what can advertisers and marketers learn from these viewing habits? Read more.

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Dare to be different

The term Unique Selling Proposition (USP), developed in the 1940s, is a concept now rejected by many marketers. Most products today are similar so it's rare for brands in many categories to be different in function. However, brands that are seen to be different do exist, and difference can drive brand growth. Read more.

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New metric helps brands build equity and value

Brand Imprint is a new measurement that focuses on instant recognition and the importance that Clarity, Communication and Consistency have on building brand equity.

New marketing reality depends on brand experience

Marketing is about to shift fundamentally. Customer experience has become very important as has a focus on the ‘last mile’ of the purchase journey. Soon, consumer reviews will hold the same weight as advertising campaigns.

Can artificial intelligence help drive creative ROI?

The increasing penetration of voice search and home assistants, and the adoption of chatbots has prompted marketers to think about how to leverage AI to create effective content.

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Brands need a human touch in a digital world

Interactions between brands and consumers have multiplied because of technology. Some brands dream of building 100% digital relationships with their consumers, but is a digital experience the only thing people want?

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Why Difference impacts brand growth

The high-profile bankruptcy of Toys R Us is the most recent in a long line of brands that failed to adapt to changing times. What can we learn from this

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