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Are You Getting Your Fair Digital Share?

Virtually all marketers are grappling with the question of how much time and effort to invest in digital communications and where those investments should be focused. The competitive landscape is an important aspect of these decisions. Brands should consider how well they are competing across digital touchpoints, just as they have historically done for other media. However, the multifaceted nature of the digital environment has made it difficult for brands to understand how well their efforts stack up against those of competitors.

Who’s Still Afraid of the DVR?

In 2006, we launched the Millward Brown Point of View series with “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad DVR?” by Nigel Hollis. In that POV, in the face of considerable concern that DVRs would enabIe viewers to avoid TV advertising and render it worthless, Nigel suggested that panic was uncalled for. DVRs, he said, would not lead to “the end of TV advertising as we know it.”

Integrated Planning: Standing Out in the Cloud

Businesses spend a lot of money on brand communications because they know that effective communications are vital to brand health and wealth. The imperative is to build brand preference among consumers and to hold onto it in the long term. But the risk is greater than ever that communication will not hit home or that it will be counteracted by uncontrolled influences.

Minimize Ad Avoidance

Position in break, product irrelevance, emotional negativity and media placement are all factors in viewers tuning out of television ads. Understanding the relationship between creative and media can improve ad engagement.

Social Media: Fans and Followers Are an End, Not a Means 2011

The last few years have seen some massive changes in our world. The financial bubble that reached its peak in 2007 popped, leaving us to enjoy what has been dubbed "The Great Recession" The Dow Jones plummeted, along with consumer confidence. The subsequent road to recovery has proved to be long and uncertain.

How Strong Brands Can Lead to a More Sustainable Future

We all know the trends: population growth, consumption growth, resource depletion, water shortages, and climate change. It seems that right now we are at a tipping point. Will we be able to turn things around, live within the planet’s means, and guarantee that our grandchildren have the same quality of life that we do? It is frightening to think that the answer might be no. Yet as individuals we feel helpless in the face of such huge systemic problems.

Creative Effectiveness

A study of IPA Effectiveness, Effie and Cannes Lions Awards winners reveals that ads don't need to persuade to be effective but they do usually engage emotionally.

Harnessing the Vibe of London

Exactly what is it that makes London one of the coolest, eclectic and most creative cities in the world? What does today’s generation of young people think about the capital and how can brands harness London’s vibe in order to better connect with young consumers?

Solving Puzzles Delivers Answers; Solving Mysteries Delivers Insights

At a recent ARF conference, Stan Sthanunathan of Coca-Cola exhorted the market research industry to move beyond understanding consumer needs to understanding consumer motivations. If we are to accomplish this, we need to go beyond observed behaviors and their attendant inferences to truly immerse ourselves in the “why”: why consumers choose one brand over another; why they decide to “like” something on Facebook; why they buy certain products at certain stores.

Viewable Impressions Drive Brand Impact

For a Professional Services’ online campaign in the U.S., we explored the branding impact of viewable impressions and the role of in-view time, in-view frequency, and in-view percentage of the ad.


Brand Equity: What’s Price Got to Do with it?

Perceptions about a brand’s values, personality, and heritage all factor into consumer sentiment toward a brand. Typically, price is seen as something separate and distinct from other elements of brand equity, a factor that consumers weigh against their feelings about a brand.

Ethnic Targeted Marketing: Do We Really Need It?

To target or not to target?
That is the question marketers often ask themselves when trying to reach out to an ethnically diverse population.

Revitalizing Li Ning, One of China’s Leading Sports Brands

Li Ning worked with Firefly Millward Brown’s qualitative team in Beijing, to help define the brand’s meaningful difference and further drive financial growth. Delivers Audience and Brand Impact for Retail Campaign

In effort to evaluate campaign impact, tapped insights from Millward Brown Digital's AdIndex Dash® to understand brand awareness and consideration measures of their retail client's campaign.

Brand Voyeurism: How Second-Movers and Drug-Users Can Rule 2011 and Beyond

Designed to uncover the brightest young writing talent in the WPP fold, the 2011 Atticus "Under-30 Essay" winner is Eric Tsytsylin of Millward Brown Optimor.

It Is Not a Choice: Brands Should Seek Differentiation and Distinctiveness

The book How Brands Grow by Professor Byron Sharp and the researchers of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute makes an important contribution to the science and practice of marketing. We find ourselves in agreement with the authors on many of their key points.

Branding China: From Maker To Innovator

Imagine a time when you are shopping for a television, refrigerator, car, or personal care product, and you find that the brand you aspire to own (not the one you choose because it is offered at the lowest price) is a Chinese-designed brand.

Ola Mobolade: Minority Rules

Author and marketing analyst Ola Mobolade says too many CMOs are still unprepared for coming shifts among American audiences.

Out of the Shadows: Digital Advertising in Asia has Strongest Impact

The digital advertising industry in Asia is only now starting to grow out of the decade-long shadow of the west. As Asian companies leverage display ads, social media and mobile to build brands and influence consumer purchase decisions, digital advertising has become an indispensable element of the Asian marketing mix.

Increasing our Brainpower: Using Neuroscience Effectively

Will increased understanding of the brain change marketing and the way we measure it? In an excerpt from The Branded Mind, a new book by Erik du Plessis, Graham Page offers assessments of neuroscience techniques and how to get the most out of them.