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Spreading Happiness with Coca-Cola

This is the story of how Millward Brown helped Coca-Cola turn a small, tactical idea into one of their most successful campaigns of recent times, “The Happiness Machine.”

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Breaking the Rules: Building the Auchan Brand in Russia

The grocery retailer category has grown rapidly in Russia over the past decade. Using BrandZ data, Millward Brown experts analyze how Auchan built high shopper loyalty in a short time period without significant above-the-line advertising investment, and why the brand has shown dramatic improvement in brand equity particularly in terms of bonding with its core customers to become one of Russia's supermarket brands.

Qualitative in Context

Cheryl Stallworth-Hooper,  CEO, North America, Firefly Millward Brown, reflects on the state of qualitative research, and how traditional methodologies combine with new, digital tools to create a fresh and exciting landscape for future marketers in this realm.

Maximizing the Value of Viral Video: Creativity Rules and Reach Still Counts

Technology is changing faster than human nature. This is a fact that marketers would do well to remember when they want an online video to go viral. Compared to traditional paid TV advertising, encouraging people to pass on a video to friends and family is highly attractive in these budget-constrained times.

How Link Helped Localize a U.S. Oreo Ad for Australian Mums

Despite consistent growth year-on-year, Oreo remained a small brand in the Australian sweet biscuit category. The parent company, Kraft, wanted to drive a significant sales increase, tapping into the latent emotional appeal of the brand amongst kids, and build on the potential seen from the size of the brand elsewhere. To do this, mums needed to connect with the brand, and the purpose of this ad campaign was to show that kids have more fun with an Oreo.

Social Media: Fans and Followers Are an “End,” Not a “Means”

The last couple of years have seen some massive changes in our world. The financial bubble that reached its peak in 2007 popped, leaving us to enjoy what has been dubbed “The Great Recession.” The Dow Jones plummeted, along with consumer confidence.

Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail

In 2007 Britain's Royal Mail sought to understand the differences in how online and print media communicate a message. To find out, we used cutting-edge neuroscience to bring new insight into how the brain engages with these two types of media, insight not accessible through conventional research.

Brands in Context

Mario Simon, Managing Director, The Americas, Millward Brown Optimor describes the relationship between brand success, the consumer mindset, and how this connection relates to overall business value in the twenty-first century.

The Advertiser’s India: One Country or Many?

Shiv Moulee discusses how there is no 'one' India when it comes to advertising. As first published in WARC May 2011.

Streetka Launch — a PR Success

Millward Brown Precis were asked by Ford to assess the PR impact of the Streetka launch among the British, both within the context of the Ford brand and against key competitors.

Brand Building in Africa in 2010: A Field Guide for the Final Frontier

In July 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama visited Ghana, and for a few brief days the world’s attention focused on Africa. Coming from the region of the world that has traditionally been known for war, famine, and disease, the images of America’s first black president visiting the continent where his father was born caused many to view Africa in a new and thought-provoking light.

The Advertiser's India: One Country or Many?

As the focus of global business shifts firmly to the BRIC economies, marketers and advertisers face an increasing need to understand the marketing environments in those countries. What brands do their consumers desire? What advertising resonates within their borders?

Ads That Travel: Planning a Safe and Profitable Journey for Your Campaign

For those of us who love to travel, the variety of cultures around the world is endlessly fascinating. The Pyramids of Giza, the bright lights of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona all attest to the rich and unique history of each place.

Winning Back Wine Drinkers

The wine industry in a South American country, wanted help to promote the consumption of wine and reestablish it as drink for all social classes.

Can a Single Ad Work Across China?

Millward Brown ASCR discusses Ad Transference and Effectiveness in China Should one ad or multiple ads be aired in China? Reproduced with permission from Warc magazine.

Building a Telecom Brand

Our goal was to help a small, regional telecommunications client in the U.S. develop and execute a growth strategy, and then to measure the success of that strategy.

Building a Premium Brand

We were asked to help our client develop a campaign to support their premium branded line of milk, which was struggling in the commoditized milk category in Great Britain.

Planning by Numbers

From time to time, we are asked our view on the “optimal media plan.” Those who ask know that we’ve studied ad effectiveness for years and that we have a database. Surely, they reason, we must know what works!

Thinking Locally, Thriving Globally

Brand Expert Nigel Hollis Explains What Makes a Brand Truly Global. Reproduced with permission from Nov/Dec 2010 issue of IABC’s Communication World magazine.

Is TMI the New Normal?

Learn How Consumers' Comfort with Sharing via Social Media can Help Qualitative Researchers. Reproduced with permission from Quirk's Marketing Research Review.