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Brand Building in Africa in 2010: A Field Guide for the Final Frontier

In July 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama visited Ghana, and for a few brief days the world’s attention focused on Africa. Coming from the region of the world that has traditionally been known for war, famine, and disease, the images of America’s first black president visiting the continent where his father was born caused many to view Africa in a new and thought-provoking light.

The Advertiser's India: One Country or Many?

As the focus of global business shifts firmly to the BRIC economies, marketers and advertisers face an increasing need to understand the marketing environments in those countries. What brands do their consumers desire? What advertising resonates within their borders?

Ads That Travel: Planning a Safe and Profitable Journey for Your Campaign

For those of us who love to travel, the variety of cultures around the world is endlessly fascinating. The Pyramids of Giza, the bright lights of Ho Chi Minh City, and the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona all attest to the rich and unique history of each place.

Winning Back Wine Drinkers

The wine industry in a South American country, wanted help to promote the consumption of wine and reestablish it as drink for all social classes.

Can a Single Ad Work Across China?

Millward Brown ASCR discusses Ad Transference and Effectiveness in China Should one ad or multiple ads be aired in China? Reproduced with permission from Warc magazine.

Building a Telecom Brand

Our goal was to help a small, regional telecommunications client in the U.S. develop and execute a growth strategy, and then to measure the success of that strategy.

Building a Premium Brand

We were asked to help our client develop a campaign to support their premium branded line of milk, which was struggling in the commoditized milk category in Great Britain.

Planning by Numbers

From time to time, we are asked our view on the “optimal media plan.” Those who ask know that we’ve studied ad effectiveness for years and that we have a database. Surely, they reason, we must know what works!

Thinking Locally, Thriving Globally

Brand Expert Nigel Hollis Explains What Makes a Brand Truly Global. Reproduced with permission from Nov/Dec 2010 issue of IABC’s Communication World magazine.

Is TMI the New Normal?

Learn How Consumers' Comfort with Sharing via Social Media can Help Qualitative Researchers. Reproduced with permission from Quirk's Marketing Research Review.

What's Next for Mobile?

While the world remains engulfed in an economic “Perfect Storm,” the full potential of mobile marketing will not be achieved until a “Perfect Calm” occurs, in which the vision that mobile operators and marketers have for the mobile phone lines up with the reality of what the device means to consumers. As to when and how this may occur, emerging markets that are home to three in four of the world’s mobile users may provide critical clues.

A Sparkling Success

A client with an established brand of sparkling water in Europe asked Millward Brown for help in identifying a growth strategy for the brand.

Choosing the Right Clothes

Using a comprehensive research program, we helped our client identify opportunities to focus, strengthen and extend a well-known brand.

Marketing During Recession: Planning on Recovery

When sales are down and budgets are cut, it would seem that the most important thing for a business to do is to focus on survival, not plan for growth. But recovery will come, and marketers who are not ready to seize that opportunity will lose out to those who are. Brands must develop plans to regain lost customers now. And effective planning requires a detailed understanding of how consumer behavior and attitudes have changed (and how they might change again).

Creative Determinants of Viral Video Viewing

Learn how the Creative Viral Potential (CVP) pre-testing metric can help marketers to predict a video ad’s viral potential. Reproduced with permission from International Journal of Advertising.

A New Roadmap for Ad Optimization

Integrating Neuroscience with Leading Advertising Research: A Post Shredded Wheat Case Study

Culture Clash: Globalization Does Not Imply Homogenization

The culture in which we live shapes our view of the world around us, which in turn influences our decisions, including those about which brands to buy. Increasingly, people everywhere are exposed to foreign cultures through commerce, travel and media, but globalization of the marketplace does not necessarily imply homogenization of culture. In the future, marketers of global brands may have to understand, accommodate and address an increasingly diverse audience of consumers.

Maximizing Communication

Our client was supplementing a mainstream media campaign with communication through non-traditional vehicles, and needed to understand how best to use the innovative channels for maximum media synergy.

Getting Serious About 360

The promise of 360 communications is significant but elusive. While the economic power of a great brand idea projected through a coherent voice across channels seems to be beyond debate, much work remains if the promise of 360 communications is to be brought to fruition. It is vital that marketers grasp this nettle now before the pace of change turns the task into one of gargantuan proportions.

Brand Building Along the Media Long Tail

As people use a wider range of media in their everyday lives, marketers likewise have new options to consider for communicating with them. But in a world keen on rushing us down a growing tail of communication channels, we need to revisit some key principles to ensure that we are wagging that tail and it is not wagging us.