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How the Medium Informs the Message

The Overlooked Power of Media: Enhancing the Memorability of Communications

The success of marketing communication is judged on a variety of factors, and one of the fundamental criteria is that people remember the ideas conveyed.

Big Ideas: Research Can Make a Big Difference

It seems that everywhere we turn these days we see or hear something about “big ideas.” Major global companies, including the likes of Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Diageo, are putting increasing emphasis on finding powerful, mindblowing creative concepts to fuel their marketing communications campaigns.

Jim Stengel and Millward Brown Team Up to Deliver New Approach to Brand Growth

Jim Stengel, former GMO of P&G, commissioned a study with an internal team and Millward Brown Optimor as an external partner. Together they identified 25 businesses as having grown fastest over a five-year period that shared a common characteristic: they “were organized around ideals of improving people’s lives, and activated these ideals throughout their business ecosystems.” 

Guide to Building Brand Engagement With Display

This study will help advertisers and agencies make more-informed creative decisions about digital advertising. Readers will learn which ad formats can be used to reach specific branding goals as well as gain a better understanding of the impact on brand results of showing more ads to the same audience through greater frequency.

Why Brand Personality Matters: Aligning Your Brand to Cultural Drivers of Success

For many years, researchers have been using the concept of brand personality to help describe brands and understand how they relate to consumers. More recently, using data from WPP’s BrandZ study, we have looked at brand personality from a cross-cultural perspective and demonstrated that there is a relationship between the way brands express themselves in different countries and the strength of the consumer relationships they generate.

Facebook Launches Timeline for Brand Pages

Dynamic Logic's Emerging Media Lab discusses the recent changes for brand pages on Facebook and their implications for brand strategy on the platform.

Brand Challenge

Chinese brands must work hard to improve differentiation and overseas recognition if they are to take on the multinationals, BrandZ data shows.

Glocal Evaluation: Measuring Effectiveness

Global campaign effectiveness needs to be measured locally, from the ground up, not the top down.

What We Can Learn from Iconic Brands

In today’s complex and busy world, brand names are everywhere — plastered all over websites, inside subway cars, on the sides of buses, and even in public toilets. But most of the time, even though they’re accepted as part of the scenery, these brand names don’t signify much to those who observe them.

Ideals: The New Engine of Business Growth

“Doing well by doing good” - is that really attainable?

We have always thought so, but now we have proof. The most successful brands and businesses in the world are built around something other than just making profit. They are built around ideals.

How to Bolster Ad Effectiveness in a Sagging Economy

No one can argue that the economy is shaky. With a double-dip recession in question, digital marketers are asking: "How do poor economic conditions affect ad performance? Can ads still motivate awareness during a weak economy?"

Great questions. We took a look, and here's what we found.

Holiday Unlocks Year-Round Brand, Retailer Opportunities

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in the world’s most populous country and represents an enormous opportunity for brands and retailers.

China’s Top 50: Much Progress But More to Do

The recently released China Top 50 ranking once again confirms the value of a strong brand and highlights the remarkable growth of China’s economy over the past decade. But it also provides an opportunity to define some of the specific challenges currently facing Chinese brands.

Not Just Different but Meaningfully Different

What’s more important to a brand – to be different or relevant? Are marketers that opt for relevance over difference damaging their brands? In this point of view, Nigel Hollis discusses how successful brands are more than relevant and different – they are meaningfully different.  A meaningful difference can spark consumer interest and fuel demand for a brand, even when that brand carries a significant price premium.

Are You Getting Your Fair Digital Share?

Virtually all marketers are grappling with the question of how much time and effort to invest in digital communications and where those investments should be focused. The competitive landscape is an important aspect of these decisions. Brands should consider how well they are competing across digital touchpoints, just as they have historically done for other media. However, the multifaceted nature of the digital environment has made it difficult for brands to understand how well their efforts stack up against those of competitors.

Who’s Still Afraid of the DVR?

In 2006, we launched the Millward Brown Point of View series with “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad DVR?” by Nigel Hollis. In that POV, in the face of considerable concern that DVRs would enabIe viewers to avoid TV advertising and render it worthless, Nigel suggested that panic was uncalled for. DVRs, he said, would not lead to “the end of TV advertising as we know it.”

Integrated Planning: Standing Out in the Cloud

Businesses spend a lot of money on brand communications because they know that effective communications are vital to brand health and wealth. The imperative is to build brand preference among consumers and to hold onto it in the long term. But the risk is greater than ever that communication will not hit home or that it will be counteracted by uncontrolled influences.

Minimize Ad Avoidance

Position in break, product irrelevance, emotional negativity and media placement are all factors in viewers tuning out of television ads. Understanding the relationship between creative and media can improve ad engagement.

Social Media: Fans and Followers Are an End, Not a Means 2011

The last few years have seen some massive changes in our world. The financial bubble that reached its peak in 2007 popped, leaving us to enjoy what has been dubbed "The Great Recession" The Dow Jones plummeted, along with consumer confidence. The subsequent road to recovery has proved to be long and uncertain.

How Strong Brands Can Lead to a More Sustainable Future

We all know the trends: population growth, consumption growth, resource depletion, water shortages, and climate change. It seems that right now we are at a tipping point. Will we be able to turn things around, live within the planet’s means, and guarantee that our grandchildren have the same quality of life that we do? It is frightening to think that the answer might be no. Yet as individuals we feel helpless in the face of such huge systemic problems.