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Effective Advertising: Harnessing the Power of Creativity defines creativity as "the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationship, or the like, to create meaningful ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations." As researchers, we naturally want to know more, so Millward Brown evaluated award-winning advertising to determine if there was a common set of traits that all or most creative advertising possesses.

Can Marketing and Research Become Better by Design?

Over the last decade, the importance of design has grown beyond the traditional concept of making an artifact look good to take a more central role in business, academia, and government.

Why Is It Always Volume Before Price?

It has been 10 years since McKinsey published proof that a price increase of 1 percent will produce an 8 percent increase in profit, assuming that all other things remain equal. So why are companies ignoring this and focusing on chasing volume instead of securing margins through well-informed pricing strategies?

China’s Changing Media Landscape

China’s media environment is extremely dynamic, powerful, complex and fragmented. There are opportunities for businesses looking to enter the market to tell a powerful story that wins customers and builds loyalty, but they need to understand and adapt their marketing to the ways people use media today. In this article, Jason Spencer discusses why China’s changing media landscape is an opportunity to build brands, and suggests some ways in which marketers should be embracing it.

Tracking at the Crossroads

No one wants to hear that the car that has always felt safe and comfortable now needs a major overhaul. When the ride has always been smooth, it’s hard to believe that the engine will soon be straining to get the car up hills.

Marketing to Diversity: Lessons from U.S. Politics

The 2012 presidential election confirmed something we’ve known for quite some time: There is a new normal in the United States, and that new normal is multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural. Though Mitt Romney got 59 percent of the non-Hispanic white vote, the highest total for a GOP nominee since 1988, he was not victorious.

The Power of Being Meaningful, Different, and Salient

Members of the marketing community have long debated the secret to marketing success. Many practitioners assert that differentiation is the key factor. Others maintain that salience is uppermost during critical purchase moments, while a significant group believes that great marketing builds positive consumer sentiment by delivering on a meaningful brand promise.

Optimizing Ads: Is Less Always More?

It’s the relentless imperative of our age: Do everything better, but also faster and at lower cost. Marketers confront this challenge as their own discipline becomes ever more difficult. Not only are their financial resources limited, but the consumer attention they seek is scattered and fragmented across a myriad of media. Therefore, advertising practitioners are understandably eager to explore any option that might help them reach consumers with maximum effectiveness and minimal expense.

The Chinese Golden Weeks in Fast Growth Cities

Examining the purchasing attitudes and behaviors of consumers in China's fastest growing cities during the Golden Week shopping festivals can benefit brands and retailers currently in China—or planning to be present in the near future. This WPP report does exactly that.

Emerging Luxury Strategies: Insights from BrandZ

Luxury brands grew by 15% in the 2012 BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands, more than any other category. Nick Cooper, Managing Director of Millward Brown Optimor Europe, explains key trends and identifies themes for luxury strategists.

Olympic Sponsorship: Brands Get the Gold

Anticipation for the Olympic Games is palpable. Will Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympian ever? Will Usain Bolt stun the world once again? Billions of viewers from around the world are tuning in to watch the Games this summer as athletes battle it out for the top spot on the podium, making the London Games the most watched Olympics ever.

Social Measurement Depends on Data Quantity and Quality

As social platforms proliferate, enthusiastic users are generating more data than ever. Social media data are fast becoming the hottest commodity in market research.

Changing Channels with Confidence: A Structure for Innovation

New media channels are emerging all the time, and marketers are often unclear how to choose among them.

Creative Storytelling: For Sponsors, an Olympic Sport

Every two years, the world stops to watch the greatest show on earth: the Olympic Games. The appeal of the Olympics is universal; its impact, tremendous, and the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games were no exception.

On Our Doorstep: The African Growth Story

While everyone was getting excited about the potential of the BRIC nations, Africa quietly emerged as the real growth story. According to the latest UN World Population Prospects report, Africa will be the fastest-growing continent "by any measure" over the course of the 21st century, and investors are understandably interested.

Digital Media Planning: Some Evidence Based Guidelines

When planning your media campaign it is important to understand the strengths of each format, how audiences respond to them and how they can work together.

Millward Brown has created some simple guidelines for marketers who want to make the most effective use of all forms of digital media - from websites to online video, social media and mobile - as part of an integrated campaign.

Facebook: Not an Ad Platform but an Ecosystem

Now that Facebook is a publicly traded company with shareholders to satisfy, the ongoing question of whether it will ever live up to its promise as an advertising platform becomes more urgent.

Creativity in Advertising

Last summer I had an interesting experience in a cinema. I’d arrived early and was watching the ads while I munched on popcorn. The film was a popular one and the cinema was full. Around me, people were talking and laughing, waiting for the film to start.

Making Online Display Work Harder for Your Brand

The days of solely measuring online campaign success on a cost per click or lead-generation basis are fading fast with digital now a mainstream medium.

How a Brand’s Ideals Can Fuel its Growth

The most successful brands and businesses in the world are built around something other than just making profit: They are built around ideals. In the April issue of Quirk's, Benoit Garbe, Vice President, Millward Brown Optimor, explains how brands can serve a higher purpose to ultimately drive growth and profit.