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What Will It Take For Chinese Brands To Be Accepted By Global Consumers?

The importance of brand continues to grow in China, due to increased levels of consumer purchasing power, value expectations and sophistication. Chinese companies that have invested in brand building are now reaping the benefits. So why is there still a persistent gap between how consumers view Chinese versus global brands? Doreen Wang, Global Head of BrandZ at Millward Brown, suggests that Chinese brands need to find meaningful and appealing points of difference in order to thrive on the global stage.

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Putting a Value on Brand

Businesses understand that building a strong brand helps generate a price premium and increases sales volumes. For many of the stock market’s leading performers it is the strong brands they have built that drive market success. Doreen Wang, Head of BrandZ at Millward Brown explains why investment banks, financial analysts and private equity investors should pay more attention to “brand” in investment valuations.

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Shares Magazine

Marketers: How to Bridge the Generational Screen Gap

Strategies for Brands to Reach Users on Different Screens Based on Intent

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Advertising Age

Worth Every Second?

When micro-video platforms began to introduce paid marketing options, it created a whole raft of new opportunities for brands to leverage the unique aspects of these channels. However, in order to ensure that branded content can succeed, you need to make sure that your messaging complements the specific demands that each platform has. In this piece, Amanda Phillips, Sales & Marketing Director, Millward Brown, explains how you can best optimize your micro-video content to work best for you.

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Digital Marketing Magazine

Why the Need for Pre-Testing has Never Been Greater

Today a smart media strategy is a necessity—but without effective creative it doesn't matter how well the ad is delivered. Today’s on-demand pre-testing solutions provide a fast and cost-effective means to ensure that the creative deployed is as effective as possible, helping to improve return on investment when time and budget are tight.

What Differentiates Winning Mobile Campaigns in APAC?

Millward Brown partnered with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in APAC to analyze more than 50 campaigns for the SMARTIES Awards. Learn more about what makes a mobile campaign a winner.

We Know How You Feel

Computers are learning to read emotion, and the business world can’t wait. An article in The New Yorker about Affectiva, Millward Brown’s partner for facial coding.

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The New Yorker

Moving From Big Data To Intelligent Data

Many have called 2014 the year of Big Data, meaning that marketers are now numbers-rich, but they are still insight-poor. Despite the opportunities and efficiencies that Big Data promises to open up, marketers are still being held back from truly unlocking these and moving from big to intelligent data.

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Maximizing Investment in Digital for the Re-Launch of a Popular Food Brand in Brazil

Millward Brown Helps Global Food Brand Optimize Digital Investment to Update Brand Positioning and Launch New Flavors

Multi-Agency Partnership Rescues Media Investment for Technology Brand

How Millward Brown Partnered With a Valued Client and Their Media Agency to Drive Greater Digital Success

TV Provides Foundation for Strong Campaign Performance

How Millward Brown Used Cross Media Solutions to Help a European Web Service Brand Achieve the Optimal Media Mix and Increase Their Return on Media Investment

Maintaining Consumer Demand Post-Launch

How an Automaker Leveraged Millward Brown's Consumer Behavioral Intelligence to Gain Insight Into Its Online Market Performance

Escaping the Silos

Advertising is most successful when it is designed to achieve a specific task, but the battle of media belief systems often undermines ad effectiveness. To get the most from media budgets, advertisers must align media strategies around their advertising goals.

How to Create Strong Ad Campaigns Across Multiple Screens

People no longer consume media in a linear way, which can cause problems for marketing teams looking to plan & measure campaigns. Amanda Phillips, Head of UK Marketing, explains how brands should be adapting their practices to be in line with new consumer trends.

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The Guardian

Global Brands: Think Local

To succeed globally, brands need to think locally. World famous brands like McDonald’s have had to rethink their strategy and adapt. Peter Walshe, Global BrandZ Director, explains the science behind branding, and what it is that makes us identify with either local or global brands.

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Africa Leads the World into the Future of Market Research

As the growth in mobile communications brings about a revolution in market research, it is the vast continent of Africa that is leading the way. Though some may be reticent to adopt mobile solutions, the advantages are too big for African researchers to ignore.

Breaking Out of the 30-Second Box

The long and short of developing engaging video for your brand in a multiscreen world.

How Brands Can Profit in Latin America as Consumer Confidence Increases

Eduardo Tomiya, MD of Millward Brown Vermeer, discusses how, when it comes to Latin America, companies can profit from rising consumer confidence and the quest for meaning.

HP Ink Advantage “Printing that Helps Your Child Shine”

In 2010 and 2011, Hewlett-Packard Co.'s (HP) Ink Advantage home printer sales in India remained sluggish, despite a campaign touting the printer's affordable ink supplies. When a competitive printing system launched at the start of 2012, sales fell. It did not help that the HP printer was priced higher than the competition—despite its lower cost of printing.