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The Power of Peruvian Brands


Brands that build on a strong emotional connection to Peruvian culture succeed in Peru. Those that have increased their power by being Meaningful, Difference or Salient have also remained strong during a slow economy.

Brand Value Proposition


Brands that develop economic downturn marketing strategies that show empathy and support for consumers will make a long-term connections for future growth.

The Power of Us


Peru is one of the world’s most community-minded markets. Brands that highlight the value of the neighborhood, friendship or a sense of nationalism successfully connect with consumers.

The End of Efficiency

If marketers haven’t opened their eyes to the end of the efficiency-driven era, Gen Z and their expectations for digital media suggest they should.

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Making Media Work Better Together in 2017

In today’s media landscape, campaigns are complex, multi-phased and use a multitude of different digital and offline channels. It’s important for advertisers to understand the impact that combining multiple media is having on the efficiency and effectiveness of their media spend.

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Welcome to the Gen Z Challenge

Appealing to Gen Z will require brands to embrace three key paradigm shifts in 2017, and marketers can't afford to take as long to come to grips with Gen Z as they did with millennials.

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Innovative Chinese Brands Ride Digital Wave to Greater Global Reach, Prominence

For decades consumers bought products made in China and branded in the West. Many still hold the outdated view of Chinese brands as makers of inexpensive, low-quality goods. Now, Chinese brands will take a different route to globalization than the one previously taken by American, Japanese, and Korean brands. In the past, businesses were often confined to a single category. Brands from China and other fast-growing markets are strong on digital innovation that often applies across categories. Their expansion not defined by the limits of a category, but by the possibilities of technology.

Digital Transformation of Tracking

In today’s world, speedy and actionable insight is much more important than the loss of trend data. It’s time for all marketers to adopt the new generation of tracking to leverage the opportunities created by digital and mobile technologies. With a huge percentage of brand value resting in a brand’s consumer equity, marketers need actionable and timely information on what is and isn’t working.

How Brands Can Use Emotion to Unite 'FragmentNation'

The contentious US election has emphasised the difficulty of appealing to a mass audience. After the candidates finished disparaging each other in the press and social media, almost half the US population signaled their disenchantment by not voting. Brands and politicians are facing the same challenges. What can brands learn about navigating a world of growing diversity.

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Media & Digital Predictions 2017

Marketers will enter 2017 with a long to do list starting with gaining a rapid understanding of the needs, aspirations and behaviours of Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2011. Brands will need to rethink their digital content strategy to create better connected consumer journeys that are less intrusive and more engaging to combat ad blocking. Read our media and digital predictions to see what's next in the year ahead.

Brands Beware – Don't fall into the emotion trap

The specific brand associations that make consumers choose a certain brand vary by brand, category and context, but ultimately they ladder up to two meta associations. The foundation for any successful brand is that people find it meaningful and different. Brands that are perceived this way are chosen more often, grow faster, and command a higher price point than competing brands.

Digital’s Brand Anniversary: What we can learn from the first online brand-building studies

It’s been nearly two decades since the first brand lift studies for digital advertising started. Here is a snapshot of where it all began, where we are today, and where we’ll be in the future – perhaps establishing brand building norms for ads on refrigerators and drones.

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Establish a Creative Development Process that Works

All marketers want to create ad campaigns based on ideas that are meaningful and resonate with their target audience. Starting with the right insight is critical to campaign success. Marketers who develop a consistent, disciplined approach to creative development are more likely to generate stronger brand value and business performance—the ultimate success criteria.

The Power of Purpose: What the hacked Clinton e-mails tell us about branding

The release by WikiLeaks of thousands of Clinton campaign hacked e-mails provides a timely reminder that purpose matters in both politics and branding. Apart from shedding light on specific issues, the e-mails portray a campaign that struggled to define what Clinton stood for in her bid to become the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States.

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Blurred Vision: Why disruptive brands are heading for an identity crisis

Many brands, both large and small, are diversifying into new categories, with the goal of building a multi-faceted 'world' around their target consumers. It's a powerful way to achieve greater relevance, but stretching a brand in new directions also has its risks. As the lines between categories become blurred, brands could be left struggling for identity.

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TV-centric LatAm Brands are Finally Embracing the Digital Boom

After proven success in other markets, Latin America brands are finally embracing the digital advertising boom. Marketers are now looking at digital as a key component in their marketing and media investment strategies.

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Ads That Travel Well Begin with an Insight

As zero-based budgeting grows in popularity, the opportunity to save costs by producing one ad that can be used in many countries is compelling. But there is the risk that this direction may not be the best way to maximise ROI.

Transformation in Rural India Is Also in the Mind of the Consumer

Today, rural India describes a mindset rather than a geography. A rising brand awareness and disposable income among rural consumers makes this an untapped area ready for brand growth. Brands that can solve the operational challenges will be very successful.

Visual Language Now Is Critical for Impactful Brand Stories

Visual language now is critical for impactful brand stories, and this global trend is a good fit with India’s aesthetic tradition. The rapid growth of mobile is driving the shift in communications from words to images. This shift holds enormous implications for how brands reach consumers.

Brands Must Mirror Diverse Reality of How People Live Now

With 100 million consumers in India now accessing Facebook from their mobile devices, people have shifted from accessing information to sharing content. Brands that recognize people connect with real stories about real life challenges are developing the most successful ad campaigns.