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Digital’s Brand Anniversary: What we can learn from the first online brand-building studies

It’s been nearly two decades since the first brand lift studies for digital advertising started. Here is a snapshot of where it all began, where we are today, and where we’ll be in the future – perhaps establishing brand building norms for ads on refrigerators and drones.

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Establish a Creative Development Process that Works

All marketers want to create ad campaigns based on ideas that are meaningful and resonate with their target audience. Starting with the right insight is critical to campaign success. Marketers who develop a consistent, disciplined approach to creative development are more likely to generate stronger brand value and business performance—the ultimate success criteria.

The Power of Purpose: What the hacked Clinton e-mails tell us about branding

The release by WikiLeaks of thousands of Clinton campaign hacked e-mails provides a timely reminder that purpose matters in both politics and branding. Apart from shedding light on specific issues, the e-mails portray a campaign that struggled to define what Clinton stood for in her bid to become the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States.

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Blurred Vision: Why disruptive brands are heading for an identity crisis

Many brands, both large and small, are diversifying into new categories, with the goal of building a multi-faceted 'world' around their target consumers. It's a powerful way to achieve greater relevance, but stretching a brand in new directions also has its risks. As the lines between categories become blurred, brands could be left struggling for identity.

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TV-centric LatAm Brands are Finally Embracing the Digital Boom

After proven success in other markets, Latin America brands are finally embracing the digital advertising boom. Marketers are now looking at digital as a key component in their marketing and media investment strategies.

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Ads That Travel Well Begin with an Insight

As zero-based budgeting grows in popularity, the opportunity to save costs by producing one ad that can be used in many countries is compelling. But there is the risk that this direction may not be the best way to maximise ROI.

Transformation in Rural India Is Also in the Mind of the Consumer

Today, rural India describes a mindset rather than a geography. A rising brand awareness and disposable income among rural consumers makes this an untapped area ready for brand growth. Brands that can solve the operational challenges will be very successful.

Visual Language Now Is Critical for Impactful Brand Stories

Visual language now is critical for impactful brand stories, and this global trend is a good fit with India’s aesthetic tradition. The rapid growth of mobile is driving the shift in communications from words to images. This shift holds enormous implications for how brands reach consumers.

Brands Must Mirror Diverse Reality of How People Live Now

With 100 million consumers in India now accessing Facebook from their mobile devices, people have shifted from accessing information to sharing content. Brands that recognize people connect with real stories about real life challenges are developing the most successful ad campaigns.

Is a Technology War the Only Fix to Ad Blocking?

The rise of ad blocking is largely a self-inflicted wound created by our industry’s collective behavior. It seems the scene is set for an escalating and never-ending technology war between publishers and ad blockers. What is the solution?

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Mobile Marketers Should Follow the Lead of Asia Pacific Brands

A strong culture of mobile innovation has emerged in the Asia Pacific region where most 'digital marketing' equals 'mobile marketing'. It’s not surprising that the eyes of marketers in other regions are starting to turn to Asia to see what can be learned about inspiring consumers to interact and engage with their brands.

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Building an Insights Engine

In today’s highly dynamic business landscape, customer centricity has become the key competitive advantage. To understand how successful firms achieve such high levels of customer centricity Kantar Vermeer partnered with Unilever to find the correlation. The recent cover story in Harvard Business Review features findings from our Insights2020 study and includes the 10 characteristics proven to make a successful “Insights Engine”.

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Use a Social First Strategy to Build Your Brand

In the near future, socially driven campaigns will become a far more important way to reach consumers who will otherwise remain off marketers’ digital radar. To do this, marketers need to create more remarkable, emotional or useful content to leverage the true power of social to build their brands.

Surviving the E-commerce Hype Cycle

E-commerce in Indonesia is relatively small by global standards, but the category is starting to see dramatic growth. By some estimates, e-commerce will represent 8 to 10 per cent of total retail sales in Indonesia within the next decade. And the value of e-commerce is expected to hit US$24 billion this year – twice the value of e-commerce in 2014. Many businesses are now looking at how they can ride this wave.

The Power of Creative Storytelling

Entertaining stories help brands maximize their marketing budgets with ads that people remember. The key to storytelling success is to bring to life resonant and disruptive big ideas in well-told, imaginative ways. Storytelling is a powerful tool for marketers.

Content Marketing Needs to Grow Up

Some people view content marketing as paid-for-content masquerading as editorial. Others think it’s the saviour of traditional advertising in an era of ad blocking. No matter what your view may be, we do know that content marketing budgets are growing and it’s important for marketers to have a clear strategy and measure its effectiveness.

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How Consumers Buy Brands: The new decision journey

The digital brand ecosystem and the sheer volume of behavioural insight data available today have dramatically changed the consumer decision journey. To successfully build brands, marketers should have a solid understanding of the new path to purchase.

Why Banks Should Make their Customers Fall in Love

Consumers have different expectations of financial services brands today, and interact with them in new ways. Mainstream banks must innovate to provide the right functionality, communicate to build the brand, then use technology to create an experience that forges strong relationships with consumers.

Fast-rising Asian Brands Offer Important Lessons for Building Strong, Flexible Brands

Asian markets will only grow bigger and dominate more of the global arena in the coming years. And the O2O market is more advanced in Asia than in other regions. Marketers who understand how Asian brands operate and apply their insights in tangible ways will benefit. Learn more.

Innovative Brand Experience Delivers Faster Value Growth

CEOs who will succeed in the future will focus on how to grow top-line revenues and generate greater bottom line profits by identifying opportunities with more valuable customer groups, accessing latent markets, and creating category shaping products and services. Joining the dots across their operations so that people, products and processes are customer focused will also be essential.