Integrate and customise multichannel campaigns

Dominic Twose
Global Head of Knowledge Management, Kantar Millward Brown

This year's global AdReaction study tackled the topic of integrating marketing campaigns in a fragmented market.

One conclusion that struck me as being particularly useful was a finding, from our CrossMedia database, that integrated and customised campaigns are 57% more effective than non-integrated campaigns. This is pertinent because less than half of the campaigns we measure with CrossMedia are both integrated and customised.

When it comes to integration, the use of multiple cues such as celebrities, colours and other distinctive brand assets can help. The executional challenge is to have enough familiarity to instantly link into the campaign, but also enough novelty to create engagement independently.

Which brings us to customisation. Our analysis showed that TV and online video benefit most from customisation, so I’ll focus here on video ads. What do we mean by customisation with videos? Previous AdReaction studies have highlighted that attitudes towards online ads are still less favourable than for TV. Behavioural data shows that for most online ads, people will skip them as soon as they can. This has several implications:

  • Online video ads need to engage the viewer immediately, to give them a reason to continue to watch.
  • Online video ads need to be branded early, so there is some benefit even among those who do skip.
  • Video ads need to be short (unless they are exceptionally engaging).

Also, video ads are often viewed while the sound is muted, customisation may be essential for your ad to work – which may simply require using subtitles.

Additionally, video ads can be customised to take advantage of the features of each digital platform. This may be done by exploiting the 'portrait' shape of Facebook ads; contextualising the placement of the ad (perhaps by timing its appearance to fit well with what the user was doing); or by showing provocative edits in the more personal environment of click-to-play or mobile.

As always, there are no hard rules for ads; it takes a leap of creativity to see how an ad can be customised to a specific platform; but it’s worth spending time thinking about and assessing how creative can be customised.