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Facial Coding

Millward Brown captures rich emotion insights with every Link copy test to optimize your advertising.

Millward Brown and Affectiva’s advanced facial coding technology gives you better, more specific guidance on optimizing creative by enabling you to understand consumers unfiltered reactions to video creative, moment by moment.

Why Use Facial Coding to Develop Advertising?

  • Provides consumers' gut-level reaction to advertising, both emotions and engagement, capturing what people really feel - even the things they won't tell us
  • Moment-by-moment analysis pin points exactly what people feel and when, enabling focused recommendations for optimizing creative
  • Reveals the immediate consumer response to the ad, and how responses differ with repeat viewing
  • Validated to sales so results can be acted upon in confidence

How Millward Brown's Facial Coding Is Superior to Competitors'

  • Link and Facial Coding are integrated to provide better and more specific actionable insights
  • Trained to recognize millions of natural facial expressions to capture subtle emotions and work globally
  • Looks at changes in emotion rather than static frames to more accurately classify emotions
  • When combined with Link, the results provide an even more accurate picture of how effective the ad will be in driving sales

Why use Millward Brown Creative Development Programs?

  • Underpinned by a common understanding of how advertising works.
  • We include both direct questioning and neuroscience methods within our solutions to give the full picture.
  • We understand and measure both short and long-term effectiveness.
  • We offer the most comprehensive understanding of emotional response.
  • Our solutions can be applied across all channels.
  • Over 25 years of experience and continual innovation to always measure what matters.
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