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Marketing & Demand Intelligence

Measure the Impact of Online and Offline Influences on Online Consumer Behavior

Marketing & Demand Intelligence (MDI) delivers customized insights to help you quantify the impact of your marketing efforts on how consumers shop for your category and products across the web.

MDI quantifies consumer behavior across multiple websites, helping you understand the impact of your marketing efforts and achieve a more accurate measure of market-wide demand. With MDI, our team of industry experts analyzes consumer behavior web-wide to help you understand market forces and plan successful campaigns.

  • Quantify the success of your marketing spend: Determine the effect of your entire marketing spend versus the demand for your product.
  • Understand how market forces influence consumers: Identify how changes in market forces and conditions impact your consumers and potential for business.
  • Measure your potential for sales across channels: Determine your share of shoppers across your own and partner channels, as well as relative to the competition.

Aggregates cross-channel behavior
MDI aggregates behaviors across all shopping and research sites to provide the best measure of across-domain potential for sales.

Provides both online and offline insights
Create highly accurate and relevant insights into advertising effectiveness, brand awareness, competitive position, cross-shopping, customer segmentation and retention to help marketers develop the most cost-effective and measurable marketing approaches.

Proven methodology
MDI avoids such common problems as double-counting the same activity on a different site, such as shopping on the client site and shopping the same product on an affiliate site, to improve the accuracy of the insights.

Delivery tailored to your needs
MDI is delivered as a monthly read-out coupled with marketing dashboards at the industry, category, brand, product or model level to provide timely and actionable information to integrate into your business optimization processes: including media, channel and sales planning.

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