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Real-Time Online Optimization

Quickly Evaluate and Optimize Online Campaign Impact

Our real-time research tools empower you to analyze ad effectiveness in-flight and maximize impact for greater brand return.

Imagine how effective and efficient your campaigns could be if you could add real-time brand impact data into your optimization decisions. Our campaign optimization approach delivers the measures that matter most to maximize your media spend.

While our Real-time Online Optimization solutions vary globally, clients of all regions can:

  • Leverage quicker results for in-flight optimization: Shorter surveys enable you to quickly identify the creative and media elements which are having the most impact and make changes in-flight.
  • Access results in real time: Our interactive dashboards enable you to analyze campaign performance by creative, site, frequency, and audience – all in real time!
  • Customize metrics based on campaign objectives: Depending on your specific KPI’s, your dashboard will report out on the metrics that you need to gauge performance – for example, Brand Awareness or Purchase Intent. In regions where available, we recommend adding in exposure data — such as reach, frequency and viewability — to complement your brand impact scores for more informed optimization decisions.

Our Advance optimization solutions allow you to choose the measures you want to optimize by and deliver those to you in real-time, via an interactive dashboard.

US Optimization Offer

  • In the US, Advance is transforming optimization by combining brand impact data with real-time campaign delivery and viewability data. This empowers clients to address, in-flight, how a campaign is reaching and impacting overall and target audiences.

  • Integrated
    Advance integrates exposure (audience, reach, viewability) and impact (brand, behavior, sales) measures into one tool. It is a single web-based solution that integrates and aligns measures to minimize “tool jumping” while allowing you to optimize based on the metrics that matter most.

  • Best-in-Class Results
    Advance is a collaborative tool built by industry leaders. Millward Brown pioneered the global industry standard method for evaluating online brand impact and has the industry’s leading Compete panel with over 2 million online consumers. DoubleVerify’s verification and viewability technology is accredited by MRC, adheres to 3MS standards and is used by over two hundred Fortune 500 brands.

  • Streamlined Tagging Solution
    Advance is simple to implement, leveraging tags that are already incorporated into most media buying platforms, making it simple to incorporate into your existing workflow.

Global Optimization Offer

  • Immediate Brand Impact Results
    Using real-time data through a simple online interface, AdIndex Dash enables you to evaluate and optimize online campaigns while the campaign is live.

  • Unparalleled Benchmarking
    Leveraging results from over 8,000 campaigns in our MarketNorms® database, AdIndex Dash also includes normative comparisons to give additional context to your campaign’s performance.

  • Custom
    Optimization insights can be tailored to unique campaign objectives. Contact a local office to learn more about available analyses in your region.

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