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Millward Brown Digital helps agencies, publishers and major advertising platforms capitalize on the digital media explosion by better demonstrating the value of their services to clients and ultimately increasing their share of online revenues. The Agency & Publisher Solutions team brings deep industry and online marketing expertise from companies such as Yahoo, Nielsen, Inforte, Hubspot and Searchme.

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Agency and Publisher

Advertising platforms tools
Advertising platforms (including portals, search engines, ad networks and global advertising properties) look to Millward Brown Digital for an integrated approach to improving search, display, video and targeting services. Case studies and data from Millward Brown Digital’s integrated online panel of two million US-based internet users demonstrates the value of services to clients.

Publisher tools
Major publishers partner with Millward Brown Digital to measure and demonstrate the impact of display advertising campaigns for their most important clients. Additionally, they use behavioral segmentation to focus on and develop marketing initiatives for those sites where specific target audiences are spending their time.

Agency tools
Media agencies create media plans, prospect for new business and report on campaign performance with Millward Brown Digital. They also employ behavioral segmentation to understand and design specific media plans to reach unique consumer segments.

"Having access to data that makes it easy to spot more effective customer acquisition partners or to stave off threats from a new competitor in their industry helps ensure that we’re always meeting clients’ needs."
Adam Lavelle
Chief Strategy Officer, iCrossing

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