Get fast, early, feedback on which creative ideas have the best chance of success and how to improve them.

Pre-LinkNow is an agile qualitative solution that helps optimize advertising creative by incorporating consumer feedback early in the development process. In addition to helping understand the why behind ad performance, this fast, cost-efficient solution is based on Kantar Millward Brown’s validated Link™ copy-testing framework, providing a common language across both quantitative and qualitative research.

Use Pre-LinkNow to:

  • Quickly check creative from storyboard or sketch to final cut
  • Get feedback on creative and messaging within 5-8 days (depending on the number of ads tested and number of markets covered)
  • Check creative in any format – animatic, videomatic, storyboard, print, OOH, radio or digital concept
  • Make confident decisions based on a validated framework.


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What's Included

Pre-LinkNow addresses core creative learning needs as well as your specific qualitative questions:

  • Engagement. Will the ad be noticed and remembered? Will the brand play a role?
  • Brand Associations. What does the ad say about the brand? Is what it says on strategy?
  • Brand Predisposition. Will the ad drive brand predisposition now and in the future?

Combining GutCheck’s agile qualitative process with Millward Brown’s Link framework, Pre-LinkNow provides prescriptive guidance to enhance advertising creative:

  • Covers creative ads at any stage of production
  • Uses a Pre-LinkNow discussion tailored to your objectives
  • Instant recruitment reaches your audience in minutes
  • Experienced research strategists moderate the online discussion, analyze the research and deliver a visually engaging report.

In Detail

Pre-LinkNow Report Collage

Pre-LinkNow report captures how respondents engage with the ad across Link ad effectiveness pillars, with flexibility to adapt for your learning needs. Report sampling includes key findings, target and ad comparisons, and detailed findings by execution, with consumer verbatims. Multi-country project deliverables include individual country reports and a global executive summary.

Ad Performance Summary

The Ad Performance Summary outlines on one streamlined slide what is working, not working, and why, along with a few consumer verbatims to capture comprehensive feedback, telling you in a glance how consumers are engaging with the creative.

Pre-LinkNow QualCard

The Pre-LinkNow QualCard summarizes the why behind the ad’s performance, focusing on the primary Link factors for ad effectiveness, Engagement, Brand Associations, and Brand Predisposition.


A visual depiction of how consumers are engaging with each execution’s energy, plus understanding behind the most prominent indicators, gives guidance to ensure your audience is actively involved in the way you intend.


Message Communications covers both the unaided perception of the ad’s intended message, and aided, when asked, in order to optimize brand message delivery. Verbatims express the ideas from the true consumer voice.


Branding digs into how respondents perceive the role of the brand in the creative. The summary and verbatims analyze how the brand is integrated, or not, and what is missing to better draw the intended connection.

Respondent Experience

GutCheck Agile Qualitative engages the target audience real time, on their time. The platform allows for a combination of individual responses, expert moderator participation, and thoughtful group interaction, to fuel deep insight into the ad experience.

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