LinkNow for Static

Evaluate print and outdoor ads in as little as a day.

Know if your static ads are strong enough to run. Test ads in a day with Kantar Millward Brown’s validated copy testing solution.

LinkNow for Static provides a quick evaluation of how your print, outdoor or POS ads will perform, in just 24 hours. Drawing on Kantar Millward Brown's validated framework of ad performance, LinkNow for Static delivers the measures that matter for success, specifically an ad’s ability to attract and hold people’s attention, whether it is building the intended brand associations and the likelihood of it building predisposition for the brand in the short and long term.

Use LinkNow for Static to:

  • Quickly understand the strength of your ad
  • See how your ad compares to competitors’ ads
  • Test different versions of your ad to see which will best achieve your goals.


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Run a LinkNow for Static study directly on ZappiStore, or contact us using the form below to request the full-service option and we'll set up your study and take you through the results. If you select the self-serve via ZappiStore option and this is your first time configuring a project, we recommend using the support options available on to provide guidance on the setup and help ensure you get the most out of the study.

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What's Included

  • Overall Summary
  • Brand Associations
  • Detailed Measure View
  • Engagement Summary
  • Predisposition - Persuasion

In Detail

Overall Summary

A simple, colour-coded snapshot of overall performance telling you in a single glance how each ad tested has performed versus norms on key success metrics.

Engagement Summary

Measures to help you understand the creative impact of your ad: how well the ad will capture people’s attention and how strongly it links to your brand.

Brand Associations

A read of which of the associations you want your ad to build are being taken away.

Predisposition - Persuasion

If your ad is seeking short-term sales through persuasion, you can understand how your ad is performing amongst different user groups and understand what is driving or undermining persuasive power.

Detailed Measure View

A detailed look at every data point for every question asked, allowing a granular comparison of scores across all the ads you have tested.

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Kantar Millward Brown partners with market-leading automated research providers; our quantitative solutions are available on ZappiStore and Qualtrics, and our qualitative self-service offer is available on GutCheck.

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