Make fast, smart campaign investment decisions

AdNow provides a fast, cost-efficient way to measure the ads in your campaign, and those of your competitors, in-market across multiple media channels. AdNow measures the strengths and weaknesses of each execution in your campaign in as few as 24 hours so you can make better decisions about your advertising investments.

Use AdNow to:

  • Find out which ads in which media will generate maximum ROI
  • Optimize investment while ads are in market
  • Determine if you should develop a new campaign or build on an existing one
  • Identify competitive threats to quickly take action.

AdNow is a standalone offer but is part of our comprehensive Brand Guidance System that guides marketing actions through integrated data intelligence from any source.


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Start an AdNow study now on ZappiStore, or contact us using the form below to request the full-service option and we'll set up your study and take you through the results. If you select the self-serve via ZappiStore option and this is your first time configuring a project, we recommend using the support options available on to provide guidance on the setup and help ensure you get the most out of the study.

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What's Included

  • Overall Summary
  • In-market Effectiveness Summary
  • Engagement
  • Brand Associations
  • Predisposition - Persuasion
  • Predisposition - Equity
  • Detailed Measure View

In Detail

Overall Summary

A simple, colour-coded snapshot of performance, telling you in a single glance how each ad has performed versus norms across key success metrics.

In-market Effectiveness Summary

Measures to help you determine which of the ads in your campaign are most efficiently generating brand memories, being remembered and wearing out.


Measures to help you understand the creative impact of your ad: how well your ad captures people’s attention and how strongly it links to your brand.

Brand Associations

Measures how strongly the associations you want your ad to build stick in people’s minds.

Predisposition - Persuasion

If your campaign is designed to drive short-term sales through persuasion, understand how your ad performed amongst different user groups.

Predisposition - Equity

Brands that are meaningful, different and salient command a greater market share, are more likely to grow and are able to charge a premium. AdNow tells you if your campaign has built meaningful and different associations for your brand.

Detailed Measure View

A detailed look at each data point for every question asked, allowing a granular comparison of scores across all the ads you’ve tested.

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Kantar Millward Brown partners with market-leading automated research providers; our quantitative solutions are available on ZappiStore and Qualtrics, and our qualitative self-service offer is available on GutCheck.

To begin a Kantar Millward Brown serviced study or enquire about bespoke research to suit your needs, please contact us using the form below.