Press Release

September 11, 2016

Facebook Video Ads Complement TV Investment

Millward Brown research shows that well executed Facebook video advertising enhances effectiveness and efficiency of TV media spends.

Millward Brown CrossMedia research and LINK for Digital copy testing analysis of leading advertisers Telstra, McDonald’s, Toyota, Nestlé and Tourism New Zealand reveals that when big brands used Facebook video advertising within the media mix greater efficiency and effectiveness was achieved over TV media buys alone.

’TV viewing no longer means relaxing in the living room with your family watching the week’s most popular shows. Today viewers watch what they want to, when they want to, across multiple platforms and devices with fragmented, time-shifted viewing; and advertisers are increasingly challenged in the way they reach viewers. In this environment it is important for brands to understand the role and impact of each touchpoint. We are pleased to work with Facebook to measure the effectiveness of their platform and provide guidance on how to maximise impact as part of multimedia campaigns’, said Mark Henning, Head of Media & Digital Australia, Millward Brown.

Millward Brown’s meta-analysis of campaigns from 2013-2016 plus specific campaigns in 2015/16 from these brands revealed:

  • Facebook Video advertising consistently delivers higher reach within a target audience compared to other online channels.
  • Facebook Video advertising can be used to extend reach beyond traditional TV media buys, where over half of Facebook reach may be incremental to TV, it’s particularly effective at supplementing reach to light television viewers.

Facebook Video can complement other media in an integrated campaign, generating both efficiency savings and improved brand impacts. For brands that want to create emotional / physiological connections, the research also revealed:

  • Exposure to Facebook video advertising can cost efficiently impact brand metrics, with share of impact up to 80% greater than share of spend
  • Facebook video works in synergy with other media to amplify brand measures when people are exposed to multiple media within a campaign, with synergies typically accounting for approximately 30% of increases in brand awareness and consideration
  • Media planners can use Facebook Video advertising to minimise over exposure wastage often experienced with heavy TV campaigns to improve overall campaign efficiency
  • Good creative is critical – content specifically tailored to the media environment where it will be consumed is most likely to succeed. Digital first creative can be twice as effective at driving intent than repurposed TV ads used in digital environments

Steve Lockwood; Facebook’s Head of Marketing Science, Australia & New Zealand, said,‘One part of our mission is to help advertisers understand the true business value driven not only by Facebook, but by all aspects of their media mix; we don’t want to compete against other channels, we want to complement them. This work has helped us further understand the effectiveness of video on Facebook offering incremental reach and playing a big role in building brand metrics both in its own right and in synergy with other media – most significantly when content is produced to suit the environment of each channel. The findings are a great opportunity for our advertisers to redefine how they think about planning, execution and content strategy to drive better results for their business overall.’

Leading brands agree. Antonia Farquar, Nestlé’s Head of Media & Brand Experience stated, “We now have more confidence in the role of digital video on driving business results, particularly on mobile; the impact it can have as a channel in its own right is great, but more importantly, we saw how effectively it supports the performance of other media. This research has helped us redefine our planning and build a far more efficient media mix for a better return on advertising spend’.

To learn more, download the full report

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