Mastering Momentum: webinar series on brand growth

Five perspectives on mastering brand momentum

In our recent Mastering Momentum report, we shared a simple framework for understanding brand growth, and offered five recommendations on how to build sales momentum and maximise growth potential by up to 46% across a three-year period.

For your brand to achieve this type of long-term, sustained growth, you need a clear view of how to influence people’s behaviour at three key points in the buyer lifecycle: experience, exposure and activation. But the trickiest part is finding the right balance of investment across these three areas.

Watch our Mastering Momentum webinar series to hear our experts share their perspectives on how marketers can combat data short-sightedness, and achieve both short-term sales objectives and long-term brand building.

Nigel Hollis
Chief Global Analyst, Kantar

Brand Experience

Event Information:
Originally presented on Tues, 10 Sep. 2019
Duration: 30 minutes

In today's age of experience, are you delivering to your brand promise?
Brands are now defined by how they engage customers emotionally, and the experiences they deliver. Easier said than done: many companies struggle to become truly customer-centric and thus fail to fully leverage the potential of their brand. In this webinar, we will show the impact customer experience has on brand equity, and explain how you can create great experiences to reinforce brand choice.


Dr. Susanne O'Gorman
Global Head of Customer Experience, Kantar
Philip Collier
Global Director of Innovation, Kantar

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Brand Exposure

Event Information:
Originally presented on Thurs, 26 Sep. 2019
Duration: 30 minutes

Optimising brand exposure to influence future sales
Exposure plays a significant role in influencing brand growth. Brands face the need to provide a clear, coherent and consistent idea of what they stand for, so that they predispose enough potential buyers to choose them at the point of decision. This webinar will demonstrate how brands can outperform category expectations by investing in great creative, maximising synergies across media, and using smart analytics to optimise media investments.


Gonzalo Fuentes
CEO Global Media and Digital Practice Consumer Insights, Kantar
Duncan Southgate
Global Brand Director, Media, Kantar
Leila Buckley
Global Solutions Director, Creative, Kantar

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Brand Activation

Event Information:
Originally presented on Weds, 9 Oct, 2019
Duration: 30 minutes

Activate the path to purchase to balance short-term sales and long-term brand predisposition
Successful brand activations bridge the conversion gap between predisposition and purchase by identifying and influencing shoppers at key moments of the O2O (online to offline) path to purchase. In this webinar, we will demonstrate the power of brand activation to both capitalise on brand predisposition, and convert shoppers who were otherwise not predisposed – all while ensuring ROI is optimised along the path to purchase.


Ranjiv Gill
Global Director, Commerce, Kantar
Dinesh Gopinath
Head of Product and Data Strategy, Kantar

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Brand Strategy

Event Information:
Originally presented on Weds, 23 Oct, 2019
Duration: 30 minutes

Is your brand strategy fit for both short and long-term growth?
Brand Strategy is intrinsically about setting the template for growth over the long term – what we stand for, who we serve, how we uniquely meet their needs - and building predisposition to buy our brand. But it is also about the choices we make right now and the discipline with which we execute throughout the journey that gets us to our goals. Here, we examine how we build and reinforce predisposition to buy in the short and long term.


Sarah King
Global Head of Brand, Kantar
Adhil Patel
Global Director, Brand, Kantar

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Brand Guidance

Event Information:
Originally presented on Weds, 6 Nov, 2019
Duration: 30 minutes

Are you tracking the right metrics to measure your brand’s momentum?
In order to build momentum, you need to have the confidence that your brand is on track for success. You need guidance to tell you (quickly) when to course correct and how to optimise throughout the whole journey. In this webinar, we will show you which headline indicators you need in order to identify how well you are doing across the areas of experience, exposure and activation – helping you to focus your investment to ensure your brand’s future success.


Claire Spaargaren
Global Brand Director, Brand Guidance, Kantar
Robert Powell
North America Domain Leader, Brand Guidance, Kantar

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