The BrandZ Vital Signs of Brand Success

A Healthy brand, an OK brand or a Frail brand – which category does your brand fall into?

Join BrandZ on the 12 July where our experts will look back at 12 years of data and share The Vital Signs of Brand Success. Brands classed as Healthy against the new BrandZ Vital Signs showed over 232% growth over the last 12 years. In comparison Frail brands only grew 15% over the same time period. I think we can tell which group you would like your brand to fall to fall into.

Drawn from over 3.1 million consumer interviews and validated by extensive research, join our Vital Signs of Brand Success workshop to discover how you can achieve success for your brand, and hear examples of how other brands have achieved outstanding growth.

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Originally Presented on Wed, July 12, 2017

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Doreen Wang
Global Head of BrandZ
Peter Walshe
Global BrandZ Strategic Advisor
Martin Guerrieria
Global BrandZ Research Director
Elspeth Cheung
Global BrandZ Valuation Director