Marketing Knowledge Points

Our marketing knowledge points are based on information from our global databases. They cover a range of topics on advertising, media and brands.

Advertising a Sub Brand Effectively

The term sub brand can apply to a range of scenarios – from simple extensions to a launch intended to eventually overtake a parent brand, so the promotion of sub brands will vary greatly. The scale of activity helps to ensure distribution, while the quality of a campaign has a substantial effect on the interest generated among consumers.

What Makes an Ad Persuasive?

Persuasion may not be the initial goal of every TV ad, but when you want to make an immediate impact on consumer behavior and generate an increase in short-term sales; your ads need to be persuasive.

We're sharing five tips about how persuasion in advertising can be effective. Download the full knowledge point to learn more.

How Do I Use Online Video Effectively in My Campaign?

Paid online video is growing rapidly as an effective marketing tool. One of its key strengths is in generating reach among light TV viewers. But in planning the online video component of a campaign, it’s important to realize that the online setting is very different than the TV setting, and there are new considerations. Whether to use repurposed TV ads or original material will depend on your objectives: While successful online video ads share some characteristics with successful TV ads, in other respects they are very different.

Does Humor Make Ads More Effective?

Some form of humor is used in almost half of all TV advertising, where it often contributes to very effective ads. Humor can make ads more enjoyable, involving, and memorable. However, if the humor distracts from branding and communication, it can impede the ad’s effectiveness. In addition, perceptions of humor are different around the world and across different audiences; this may limit the ability of a funny ad to be used across markets.