Evolving Paradigms in Mexico’s Unpredictable Market


Mexico is in a time of economic uncertainty. There is no open talk of economic recession but GDP shows little growth and the dollar reached an historical high against the Mexican peso, while trust in government is at an all-time low.


Consumer Attitudes Matter when it Comes to Brand Loyalty

Brands with their fair share of attitudinal loyalty are more likely to grow and are better positioned to benefit from effective communications, while brands that lack attitudinal loyalty will struggle to leverage communications to drive growth.

When Building a Great Brand, Delivery Becomes Much More Than Simply an Afterthought

Indian consumers have leapfrogged into the social sphere with the rapid rise of smartphones. They are now the second largest population on Facebook and Twitter, and the second largest downloaders of apps in the world. Brands in India need to quickly adapt to reach the rising number of consumers using social media.


Brands Need to Adjust Traditional Marketing to Reach Rising Number of Social Media Users

Whether your brand provides a product or service, your brand promise will live or die by your ability to deliver on that promise. Reliable and fast delivery is critical to cultivating and sustaining repeat business for your brand.


Brand Building: An Investment in Future Financial Success

Millward Brown has identified the drivers of long-term brand value growth based on global research on 100,000 brands. Lessons learned from 10 years of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Global Brands rankings can help established and aspiring brands join or remain on the list in the future.

Out of the Shadows: A New Perspective on Indonesian Narrative

Brand building in Indonesia involves striking a balance between tradition and the new values gaining ground to successfully reach consumers.


A Sign of Things to Come: BrandZ Top 50 Ranking Puts Indonesian Brands on the Global Stage

The importance of brands in Indonesia has grown significantly in recent years. Building brand loyalty will continue to become increasingly important to marketers as consumers become more brand savvy.


The Art of Distraction: Using Multi-Screening to Your Advantage

Smartphone and tablet use is on the rise in Indonesia giving marketers opportunities to reach consumers across multiple screens. Develop and deliver relevant messaging to build your brand.


The Best Ads Showcase Human Outcomes as Well as Product Truths

Emotionally compelling brand stories that are rooted in product truths help build meaningful connections with consumers. This can set you apart from the competition help drive brand growth.


How Meaning Has Become More Important Than Saliency in Driving Brand Growth in Indonesia

The importance of establishing a meaningful connection with consumers has become increasingly important in Indonesia to drive brand growth.


Developing Local Meaning: Presenting a Locally Relevant Face to Global Brands Is Essential to Success

The allure of Indonesia for multinational brands is clear. Being successful in this complex and fast-changing market will depend on building connections with consumers that are locally relevant and meaningful.


The 1,000% Lesson From China: Innovate to Grow Brand Love

Indonesian brands can learn from the rapid growth of Chinese brands. They must define their meaningful difference, be perceived as innovative, and build some love.


Transforming Brand Tracking to Help Today's Marketers Succeed

In-market brand and ad tracking have greatly evolved but today’s marketing environment is changing even faster. Getting a fast read of what people believe and feel about a brand, and how this is impacted by the communi- cations they see, enables marketers to quickly course-correct to change messaging and creative to better deliver on brand goals.

What the Death of Cecil the Lion Tells Us About Social Media

Cecil’s story is a case study in the power of social media, a channel that will continue to grow in reach and influence – particularly in combination with traditional media. People will never care about brands the same way they do about wildlife, but marketers should still take note. Brands that simply respond to events will fade into the background. Brands that tell a compelling story, one that people will care about, will stand out.

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Does Snapchat Have the Answer?

Generation Z seems more receptive to ad formats on Snapchat and Instagram because the ads are consumer-centric, and frequency is low. What can advertisers learn from this, and will these platforms be able to sustain their business model while achieving growth? Facebook is highly successful at monetizing its users but the frequency and intensity of ads required to achieve that clearly comes at a price among this younger audience. Read more.

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Social Sets a Higher Bar

There are three stages for developing successful social advertising: create an experience, get people to talk about it, and support your campaign with paid advertising. Brands need clearly defined goals to do this well, and deliver ROI. Oreo and Coke are getting it right in China.

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Receptivity and a New Share of Voice

The rapid growth of digital and mobile has given advertisers more ways to reach consumers at any time. The advertising industry should be very careful not to damage its most precious resource – consumers and their willingness to receive messages. Read what brands can do to continue engaging consumers in the right way.

Getting Digital Right 2015

Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, and Wearables are everywhere and new technology is perpetually on the horizon. Words like “multiscreen” and “programmatic” have taken over the conversation. Now marketers face the challenge of keeping abreast of all this while coming up with innovative and efficient ways to execute winning marketing strategies. This report, Millward Brown Digital’s 2nd annual Getting Digital Right study, provides an overview of the state of digital. With input from over 400 marketers spanning brands, media companies, and agencies, we summarize their insights and perspectives on getting digital right.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Focus Group

Millward Brown partners with the Second City comedy troupe in the US for an innovative approach to gain consumer insight and generate ideas. Learn more about Consumer Theater from Firefly Millward Brown.

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Consumers have gone mobile long ago – researchers must catch up before it’s too late

The gap between mobile consumers and online surveys is increasing. Now is the time to bridge it. Making surveys ‘Mobile First’, so they can be conducted on mobile devices or any other device people prefer to use, is the only way we can ensure that the data will still be valid in a year’s time.

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