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Cannes Lions: Creative and Effective?

The Cannes Lions demonstrate that creativity and effectiveness can go hand-in-hand.

Taking the Long View

Taking the Long View looks at the importance of long-term sales effects versus short-term sales effects. Learn more about Millward Brown’s Meaningfully Different Framework and how the validation of copy-testing metrics around brands being meaningful, different and salient impact long-term sales growth.


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The Keys to Brand Success

Strong brands drive financial performance by ensuring that the most motivating brand associations influence purchase behavior. Multi-sensory cues ensure people recognize brands and respond positively. Knowing what makes your brand recognizable and triggers the most motivating impressions is critical to maximizing your brand’s full potential.

Rising Incomes, Desire for More Choice Drive Growth of FMCG Sector

Until 2013, India’s FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector had experienced five consecutive years of double-digit growth.

An Analysis of 2014 Effie Award-Winning Cases in Singapore

While quality is key to brand success, an effective advertising campaign can be instrumental in shifting perception and behavior toward campaign goals.

Researching Research: Towards Greater Customer Satisfaction

The Market Research industry is changing. Interviewing methods change as new technologies develop. There is the never ending pressure to deliver research quickly and cheaply.

The Problems with Global Ads (Especially for the Little Guy)

As the great Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell wrote: I’ve looked at life from both sides now.  When I was a smaller-market Client Researcher for two multinational CPG manufacturers in Canada, I was often pressured to forgo local creative and adopt global creative platforms to save on production and keep strategies aligned.  Now, as a smaller-market Research Consultant, I am often the one who encourages clients to determine where they can happily leverage global creative efficiencies instead of producing local ads.

The Value of Advertising a Launch

Most successful launches are supported by strong advertising. The quality of launch advertising can affect the development of both brand awareness and trial. And, as with all good advertising, it must clearly communicate a motivating message and focus on branded memorability.

Okay Fine, I’ll Go Device Agnostic

Perhaps you're kicking and screaming, but you've finally decided to alter your research design to capitalize on mobile devices.

The Power of Umbrella Branding

Umbrella branding can be a successful marketing strategy. However, this depends on having a consistent and clear brand identity across the variants. It also needs to be recognized that, while this approach can help “kick start” variant launches, halo effects are not guaranteed. Only around a quarter of variant ads benefit other variants within the portfolio so it is usually necessary to support individual variant launches.

The Ultimate Marketing Machine

In the past decade, what marketers do to engage customers has changed almost beyond recognition. With the possible exception of information technology, we can’t think of another discipline that has evolved so quickly. Tools and strategies that were cutting-edge just a few years ago are fast becoming obsolete, and new approaches are appearing every day.

How Smart Brands Command a Premium Price

Today’s consumers want to get the best prices, but offering your brand at a discount can undermine profits and threaten viability. Smart brands utilize strategies to create and sustain a meaningful difference that helps consumers justify spending more. By identifying your audience, understanding your competition, and knowing your brand’s meaningful difference, you can ensure that consumers perceive your brand as premium and worth a higher price.

The Data-driven Pursuit of the Inconstant Consumer

By Ali Rana, SVP & Head Scientist, Emerging Media Lab, Millward Brown Digital

Is Your Brand Ready to Be Like Jeeves?

By Nigel Hollis, Chief Global Analyst, Millward Brown

Global Mobile Behavior

Globally, we now spend more than three hours a day consuming mobile media but consumers remain more receptive to TV ads. Millward Brown’s Duncan Southgate assesses how to convert the time spent into brand building.

Are You Getting Digital Right?

Millward Brown Digital and Millward Brown Vermeer conducted a study of marketing executives to better understand the pain points preventing their teams from achieving marketing nirvana in an ever-evolving digital world. Read the report to see how your brand compares.

Tuning Into Multitasking: Content and Interaction Can Synch First and Second screens

We’re quickly becoming a world of multitaskers. While you’re reading this, you might be watching TV or using a second device – smartphone, tablet or laptop. In a study of the multiscreening behaviors of audiences in 30 countries, the U.S. ranks first in stacking, spending on average 91 minutes a day watching TV while also doing something unrelated on a second device. That compares with a global average of 67 minutes.

AdReaction 2014 | Marketing in a multiscreen world

This global report, covering 30 countries, takes a look at multiscreen use and consumer receptivity to advertising across devices (TVs, smartphones, laptops and tablets) in today's rapidly evolving marketing environment.

Interactive Report

AdReaction 2014 | USA Version

In addition to quantitative data used across all countries, the United States AdReaction analysis integrated qualitative and behavioral research methods to understand consumer mindsets and motivators for multiscreening.