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The Problems with Global Ads (Especially for the Little Guy)

As the great Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell wrote: I’ve looked at life from both sides now.  When I was a smaller-market Client Researcher for two multinational CPG manufacturers in Canada, I was often pressured to forgo local creative and adopt global creative platforms to save on production and keep strategies aligned.  Now, as a smaller-market Research Consultant, I am often the one who encourages clients to determine where they can happily leverage global creative efficiencies instead of producing local ads.

The Value of Advertising a Launch

Most successful launches are supported by strong advertising. The quality of launch advertising can affect the development of both brand awareness and trial. And, as with all good advertising, it must clearly communicate a motivating message and focus on branded memorability.

Okay Fine, I’ll Go Device Agnostic

Perhaps you're kicking and screaming, but you've finally decided to alter your research design to capitalize on mobile devices.

The Ultimate Marketing Machine

In the past decade, what marketers do to engage customers has changed almost beyond recognition. With the possible exception of information technology, we can’t think of another discipline that has evolved so quickly. Tools and strategies that were cutting-edge just a few years ago are fast becoming obsolete, and new approaches are appearing every day.

How Smart Brands Command a Premium Price

Today’s consumers want to get the best prices, but offering your brand at a discount can undermine profits and threaten viability. Smart brands utilize strategies to create and sustain a meaningful difference that helps consumers justify spending more. By identifying your audience, understanding your competition, and knowing your brand’s meaningful difference, you can ensure that consumers perceive your brand as premium and worth a higher price.

Is a Good American Ad Always a Good Canadian Ad?

As a Canadian marketer, have you chosen or been required to air American creative instead of developing your own? Did you run the ad without confirming its relevance in our market? Maybe it performed well for the brand in the States, so why shouldn’t it perform well in Canada?

Global Mobile Behavior

Globally, we now spend more than three hours a day consuming mobile media but consumers remain more receptive to TV ads. Millward Brown’s Duncan Southgate assesses how to convert the time spent into brand building.

The Data-driven Pursuit of the Inconstant Consumer

By Ali Rana, SVP & Head Scientist, Emerging Media Lab, Millward Brown Digital

Command a Price Premium for Profitable Growth

Everyone knows how to generate more sales—all you have to do is drop your price and sales are likely to increase. While price promotions can increase short-term sales volumes, the long-term consequences of training consumers to expect cheaper prices are dire—margins suffer and investing in advertising and innovation becomes harder and harder.

Are You Getting Digital Right?

Millward Brown Digital and Millward Brown Optimor conducted a study of marketing executives to better understand the pain points preventing their teams from achieving marketing nirvana in an ever-evolving digital world. Read the report to see how your brand compares.

Liberating Research: A Manifesto for Change

In a previous Point of View, How Big Data Liberates Research, author, Bill Pink argued that big data is not replacing research—it is liberating it. Being liberated from generating a new survey for each new learning occasion, ongoing big-data assets can be leveraged for many topics, allowing subsequent primary research to go deeper and fill in the gaps. Instead of relying on bloated surveys, researchers should keep surveys short and focused on those variables that they are ideally suited for, resulting in better data quality.

The Disappearing Iceberg

It has become a mantra: “Recent learning from cognitive science is challenging long-held assumptions of the market research industry.” And the mantra is true—but not in the way most people think. The typical assumption is that new research into fast, instinctive processing supports the idea that people’s considered responses to survey questions are just the tip of the iceberg—that the bulk of the meaning that brands hold for people is below the surface.

AdReaction 2014 | Marketing in a multiscreen world

This global report, covering 30 countries, takes a look at multiscreen use and consumer receptivity to advertising across devices (TVs, smartphones, laptops and tablets) in today's rapidly evolving marketing environment.

Interactive Report

AdReaction 2014 | USA Version

In addition to quantitative data used across all countries, the United States AdReaction analysis integrated qualitative and behavioral research methods to understand consumer mindsets and motivators for multiscreening.

Multiscreening And Simultaneous Media Use: Unlocking The Golden Age Of Digital Advertising

When marketers think of multiscreening, they often see it is a new challenge or obstacle: “How do I compete with the distractions of the smartphone or the tablet, while my audience is watching TV?” Marketers tend to view these distractions as a new problem. They are not.

Increasing Brand Value: A Masterclass from the World's Strongest Brands

A brand is an intangible yet powerful corporate asset. Merlin Entertainment's recent flotation and Twitter’s IPO have both highlighted the impact of strong branding and marketing on a successful listing and a share price that soars.

Marketers: What’s “App” with Your Brand?

Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Words With Friends—if you’ve not played them, you’ve likely heard of them. These games had their beginnings as mobile apps but over time have built themselves into strong brands. Angry Birds even went on to expand into a multibillion-dollar franchise. And now, established brands are creating apps too. You might be surprised at how many there are; among the 2013 BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, 89 brands have designed and launched an app, and some have produced more than one.

How Do I Make the Most of Advertising on Mobile Devices?

While advertising on mobile devices tends to be highly effective, it is becoming less so as the novelty wears off. And mobile advertising has the potential to irritate more than most other forms of advertising. To capitalize on the unique advantages offered by mobile, advertisers should focus on engagement and relevance while also being respectful of the personal nature of the mobile device and offering people rewards that they value.

Digital & Media Predictions 2014

What will be the most popular multi-screen marketing trends for 2014? See what Millward Brown’s experts from around the world have to say in their annual digital and media predictions.

Dare to Be Different

Being different is scary. In marketing, trying something different is really scary. Nobody wants to be the marketer that messes up a multimillion-dollar brand. It’s easier to play it safe, relying on what has worked before or for others. That must be why I’ve often heard from clients that there is a certain way to advertise in their category—for example, TV ads for men’s razors must start with a 10-second story, continue with a 15-second product demo, and end with a 5-second joke. “This is how we must advertise in order to succeed,” they say.