Winning Back Wine Drinkers

The wine industry in one South American country wanted to turn around decreasing sales in their own country, which had declined by 40 percent over 20 years. The key driver of this decline had been wine’s slowly shifting image from that of an everyday drink to one that was reserved for special occasions.

Our client came to us for help in understanding why their then current marketing campaign to increase sales wasn’t producing the needed results. Millward Brown’s analysis showed the ads lacked impact among the target audience and that product linkage was weak. To maximize the overall impact of the campaign, the ad spend was increased to boost market presence, and the television and outdoor ads were aligned to work more synergistically. We also recommended that the product be given more prominence in the ads themselves to increase product linkage. Additionally, we suggested presenting wine as an integral part of everyday life in ways all consumers could relate to, such as cooking with family or playing sports with friends. The new campaign succeeded in significantly improving both product recognition and the image of wine among consumers. Wine consumption increased, surpassing the average growth of its main competitor, beer.