Case Studies

Streetka Launch — a PR Success

Millward Brown Precis were asked by Ford to assess the PR impact of the Streetka launch among the British, both within the context of the Ford brand and against key competitors.

Winning Back Wine Drinkers

The wine industry in a South American country, wanted help to promote the consumption of wine and reestablish it as drink for all social classes.

Building a Telecom Brand

Our goal was to help a small, regional telecommunications client in the U.S. develop and execute a growth strategy, and then to measure the success of that strategy.

Building a Premium Brand

We were asked to help our client develop a campaign to support their premium branded line of milk, which was struggling in the commoditized milk category in Great Britain.

A Sparkling Success

A client with an established brand of sparkling water in Europe asked Millward Brown for help in identifying a growth strategy for the brand.

Choosing the Right Clothes

Using a comprehensive research program, we helped our client identify opportunities to focus, strengthen and extend a well-known brand.

Maximizing Communication

Our client was supplementing a mainstream media campaign with communication through non-traditional vehicles, and needed to understand how best to use the innovative channels for maximum media synergy.