Maximizing Communication

One of our clients, a manufacturer of a nicotine replacement product, wanted to supplement their mainstream campaign with communication through innovative media channels but didn’t understand how to best utilize these.

To help them, we analyzed their then current campaign and found that the most effective executions were those that achieved strong brand integration and exploited a unique connection between the vehicle and the message. As a perfect example, respondents said that large ads on the sides of buses grabbed their attention and triggered memories of difficulty breathing while running to catch a bus, which underscored the message of smoking being unhealthy. Based on these findings we recommended that subsequent executions match the message to the most relevant medium, and that the brand be strongly integrated with the message. After the second round of marketing activity, we tracked consumer response to the revised campaign, which scored significantly higher on relevance, branding and persuasion metrics. Spontaneous awareness of the brand had increased, along with awareness of the overall multimedia campaign—including the traditional channels—suggesting that the desired media synergies had been achieved.