Choosing the Right Clothes: Helping a Brand Find Itself

Our client, a large manufacturer of underwear and casual clothing, had attempted to expand their line into fashion categories with limited success. Having shifted focus away from its traditional strengths and core categories, the brand found its image diluted and its dominance in the market eroded.

To help our client reclaim their position as a market leader, we used a comprehensive research strategy to design and execute an effective campaign. To begin, a BrandDynamics™ study evaluated the brand’s equity, showing that its foundation was strong based on five metrics: presence, relevance, performance, advantage and bonding. Further, 81 percent of respondents were satisfied with the brand’s functional performance, with comfort and value being the brand’s most recognized strengths. We therefore recommended that opportunities for extending the brand would lie in categories that reinforced the brand’s core equities. The client went on to introduce a comfort innovation in one of its original categories, the first significant advance in the category in a decade. The supporting creative for the new launch was copy tested using Link™, and results showed the ad would likely be successful in increasing both awareness of the new line and short-term sales. Brand awareness levels soared after the line launched, and average retail sales rose substantially in the year following the launch.