Building a Telecommunications Brand

One of our clients, a regional telecommunications company in the U.S., needed help with growing their brand. To ensure a maximum return on their advertising investment, Millward Brown implemented a comprehensive research program that used a variety of research tools to plan and execute the most effective campaign possible.

Our first step was to identify key marketing goals for the campaign before it launched: Our research revealed that among our client’s target audience product awareness along with perceived quality of performance were below market norms. We therefore recommended launching an aggressive campaign that emphasized quality of reception, clarity and wide calling areas, and included the use of music and visuals as mnemonics to reinforce the brand name. To evaluate the effectiveness of the new campaign before it entered the market we conducted a Link™ study, which draws on data from more than 45,000 copy-test evaluations over 30 years. The Link™ analysis predicted success, which our tracking data later confirmed. In just under six months, both brand and ad awareness doubled and likelihood to consider the company’s service tripled, resulting in a 42 percent increase in subscriptions over the same period during the previous year.