Building a Premium Brand

An international dairy group came to Millward Brown for help with increasing sales of their premium milk brand in Great Britain. The first premium brand in its category, Cravendale had had two years of disappointing sales among consumers unused to paying a premium price for an everyday commodity.

We began by identifying some fundamental weaknesses in the existing campaign. In particular, the ads attempted to convey too many functional attributes of the product: one execution in particular noted five different product benefits. As well, print and below-the-line activity were not designed to work synergistically with television, but instead emphasized other, different benefits. In attempting to convey too many messages about the product, the campaign had failed to motivate people to rethink their milk buying habits. We recommended the use of a more focused approach, and a new creative theme was developed: “Cravendale tastes so good, the cows want it back.” This theme was used consistently across all channels, and new package design and point-of-sales materials supported the campaign and helped boost revenue. The television campaign in particular helped increase brand awareness, which leapt to 73 percent from 42 percent. Trial levels more than doubled, increasing to 27 percent from 13 percent. Ultimately, sales modeling showed that the sales ROI of the advertising had increased by a factor of four.