Lego builds its brand with “Rebuild the World” campaign

by Nigel Hollis | September 23, 2019

On Thursday Kantar will host another webinar in the Mastering Momentum series. Optimising Brand Exposure to Influence Future Sales will address the importance of using paid media and great creative to predispose people to buy a brand and Lego’s “Rebuild the World” is intended to do just that.

The fun video features a vast array of references to Lego and every character, animal and vehicle seen in the video is supposedly based on an existing or past Lego toy. Unusually, given that Lego has its own internal agency, the campaign was created by BETC, an outside agency. However, perhaps the most notable thing about the “Rebuild the World” campaign is that it is Lego’s first global brand campaign in 30 years. So why invest in a global campaign now?

Talking about the campaign with Adweek, Rémi Marcelli, Lego’s senior vice president of The Lego Agency, sums up why even a famous brand like Lego needs to remind people what it stands for,

“People sometimes lose sight of the fact that the act of building with Lego is creative, regardless of whether you’re following the instructions or not. Overall, the ambition is to make sure that we remind the world of the full value of Lego.”

Further, in an article on The Drum Marcelli states that ”Rebuild the World” is a "long-term" investment with success coming when "in four years from now people see Lego as a creative experience."


One might think that Lego is so well-known and well-liked that reminding people of its value was unnecessary. However, as a 2017 slump in Lego’s profits reminds us, growth is not guaranteed and reminding people why the brand exists helps maintain long-term momentum. Not only does a brand like Lego need to endear itself to new generations, it needs to maintain meaning and salience in a world where new toys designed to foster creativity abound, from the Crayola Sprinkle Art Shaker for younger kids to smartphone games for older ones.

But does a brand like Lego need a global campaign when it has movies, video games and its own YouTube channels like “Beyond the Brick”? One of the major roles that paid media can play in maintaining a brand’s future sales momentum is to reach out to people who are not already brand fans and do so in a way that allows the brand to clearly position itself, rather than having what it stands for be defined by others. One of the findings from the analysis that powers the Mastering Momentum report is that when brands fail to predispose people to buy longer-term growth suffers.

You can find the dates of more Mastering Momentum webinars here. Meanwhile, what do you think of Lego’s new campaign. Is it instantly recognizable as being for Lego? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Ed C, September 23, 2019

    Great ad! My kids will like it. More importantly for the rest of us, this line should be a reminder for all the CMO's, their teams and their budgets: 

    "Overall, the ambition is to make sure that we remind the world of the full value of <our brand>"

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