Is this the best time ever to be an insights client?

by Guest Contributor Heath Greenfield | March 13, 2019

Author:Heath Greenfield

Heath Greenfield
EVP, Global Strategy & Corporate Development
Insights Division at Kantar

As an insights client you might agree that the description offered by Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities is equally applicable today, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Never has there been more need for insights but never has there been less time in which to deliver them. But now that conflict has reduced with the launch of the Kantar Marketplace.

As you have probably noticed over the last few years, various types of ‘self-serve’ technology platforms have sought to democratise the process of generating consumer insights. These platforms have gotten traction, but this has required clients to adopt a new way of working. ‘Early adopters’ acknowledge the trade-offs and embrace ‘self-serve’ studies to save time and money. Other clients are still wary of the trade-offs and want a client services team to provide advice and support. Time will tell how far the adoption process goes, right?


Many platforms still provide generic ‘self-serve’ solutions at the expense of proven solutions with consultancy. But what if clients don’t need to decide to go down one road or the other? Maybe one day they have the time and choose to conduct a study on their own via their ‘self-serve’ platform. But another day, they have three tasks to complete before their next meeting and just want someone to conduct a study for them and provide an expert opinion on the results. What if they wanted the option to choose exactly what they needed? A platform providing these options would be truly ‘client-centric’ by giving clients the best of both worlds.

Kantar had this in mind when developing and launching the new Kantar Marketplace - the only on-demand platform that combines high quality sample, validated solutions, self-serve custom surveys and expert consulting. Crucially, clients can use the intuitive, self-service research platform, to access insights immediately and to commission custom projects which can be delivered in as few as six hours.

Going back to our client example, if they have a TV, digital or print ad to test, they could choose our validated ‘self-serve’ solution, Link Now, part of the Link portfolio, the most widely used pre-testing solution in the world. Or, if they need the help, they could choose to have a Kantar client service team execute the study for them and consult on the findings. Hopefully this example underscores to clients that Kantar has their back and their best interests in mind.

The Kantar Marketplace journey is just getting started. While we’ve launched with several solutions including those from our Link pre-testing suite, we’ll be launching additional solutions this year. Next to launch will be Quick Polls and DIY Surveys (currently in ‘private beta’), product concept testing from the eValuate innovation suite, Reputation Intelligence tools and Global Monitor trend reports. Eventually, the Kantar Marketplace will be a ‘one stop shop’ by providing clients easy access to the broader portfolio of Kantar solutions and expertise.

Is it the best time ever to be an insights client? We hope you will agree when you register for the Kantar Marketplace. Meanwhile, what do you think? Best of times, or worst of times? Please share your thoughts.

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