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Holistic Brand Guidance: Driving growth through agile intelligence

Clients are increasingly questioning the relevance of brand tracking, but it’s not because they don’t see the value of brands. Pierre Gomy explains how the latest updates can give you the insights you need to fuel long-term brand growth.

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Redistributing power in the new connected ecosystem

We are on the brink of a digital rebellion, in which consumers might increasingly reject many of the ways in which technology has come to rule their lives. It’s been a long time brewing.

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Disrupt the status quo to sustain brand growth

Analysis of over 2,000 brands measured via BrandZ™ between 2014 and 2017 shows that fewer than one in 10 brands grew significantly. The key to success for those that did grow? One word: disruption.

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Digital rebellion and directing emotion

The reality of digital now is that it pushes us to be ever more creative. But do not be fooled. Creativity is fascinating, but in the digital age it can be extremely violent.

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Shake it up – unleash your creativity!

You cannot disrupt the status quo if no one knows what you have to offer. Disruptive brands do not advertise, the pundits say. They don’t have to; the media are more than happy to promote them. But, once they become established or the competition catches up, they too turn to advertising.

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Consumers Are at the Heart of Many Brands, but Let’s Also Protect the Heart of Our Brands

Being agile has helped many brands keep up with the times, but as the average lifecycle of a brand accelerates building an iconic brand becomes harder and harder. Bram van Schaik explains the key to striking the balance between innovating and staying true to your brand’s core purpose.

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Purpose 2020 - Igniting Purpose Led Growth

Being a purpose-led business is no longer an option, it is essential for your brand to survive. Robert-Jan Dhond explains how to take your business’s purpose from a part of your strategy to part of a wider movement alongside your consumer.

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Netherlands: The Perfect Startup Delta

The Netherlands has historically been a place for the savvy businessman to invest – but is this still the case? Hugo Shurink explains how the country is ready for the future.

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Brand Building Is Key to Succeed in a Digital Age

In an age where algorithms and new technologies are making buying decisions for consumers, brand is increasingly important. Erzsi shares the three key branding principles to ensure your brand survives the digital age.

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Freelancia: What Drives Hustlers, and How Brands Can Harness Their Power

Walk into any coffee shop during ‘office’ hours and try to find an open table. You will likely have to wait, unless you are very lucky. Coffee shops, swanky hotels, and other public places have become the favourite office of freelancers, gig workers, and side-hustlers.

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Combatting Slow Growth by Unlocking New, Polycultural Markets

As growth becomes more elusive and disruptions large and small erode market share from established brands, businesses need new ways to win. Increasingly, brands have become aware that growth requires reaching out to historically underserved or overlooked consumers.

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America’s Pastime: The Game of Growth

With more than a third of the US Top 100 headquartered in or around Silicon Valley it is no wonder that established giants are taking a leaf out of their playbook for success. However, the mindset, strategies and activities can all be replicated by brands at all stages of their lifecycle. Kantar Consulting’s Victoria Sakal breaks down the playbook.

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S-curves – The Long and Short (Term) of Brand Growth:

A conversation between Stephen DiMarco, Chief Digital Officer at Kantar Insights Division, North America, and Jim Meyer, Executive Director, GroupM.

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Leveraging Moments for Brand Growth

The world of marketing has grown and there is a myriad of ways consumers can be targeted from where to reach them to the content you use to get their attention. One option is to identify and own key “moments of consumption”. Mahesh breaks down the five key categories these “moments” fall into.

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Amazon shaping the ‘smart speaker’ Conversation

How do you define true innovation and leadership? To me, truly leading innovation does more than disrupt the established order; it shapes and creates something genuinely ground-breaking, delivering benefit for all consumers and perhaps establishing an entirely new competitive landscape in the process.

Financial services brands are missing opportunities with women

Kantar TNS set out to determine whether financial services organisations and their brands are appropriately valuing their women customers, and whether women feel that they are valued customers. We conducted a UK-wide study based on 31,291 interviews and involving more than 650,000 women.

New metric helps brands build equity and value

Brand Imprint is a new measurement that focuses on instant recognition and the importance that Clarity, Communication and Consistency have on building brand equity.

New marketing reality depends on brand experience

Marketing is about to shift fundamentally. Customer experience has become very important as has a focus on the ‘last mile’ of the purchase journey. Soon, consumer reviews will hold the same weight as advertising campaigns.

How strong brands today prepare for the path ahead

What determines that todays strong brands will be strong brands in the future? Learn what a recent “Brands Ahead” study from Kantar TNS and Grey tells us in this article by Hartmut Scheffer, Kantar TNS.

German Engineering...

Reliability, Self-similarity and Iconography, and Substance over Appearance are three key properties that sets the German market apart from any other. Read the article by Christoph Prox, Kantar Added Value.