BrandZ Top US Brands

Instagram climbs 22 places as 2020’s fastest riser, while Amazon’s great consumer experience delivers it to the top spot in the 2020 BrandZ US Top 100 ranking.

They key to any business’ success is how it is seen in the eyes of its customer. BrandZ is the only brand valuation to consider both market sales and the opinion of the consumer. By analysing interviews with over 327,000 American consumers BrandZ uncovers the trends driving brand growth in the US and identify high potential brands.

Read the report to discover which brands made this year’s ranking, what US consumers really think of their most valuable brands, and the opportunities available for US brands to grow their value in the world’s most competitive market.


Thought Leadership

Why Attention Elasticity Is the Biggest Issue Facing Marketers

As marketers, we’re taught that we need to stand out. We need to capture an audience’s attention with messages across multiple channels and guide them down the funnel towards a checkout, repeat purchases, and, ultimately, loyalty. In today’s terribly noisy ecosystem, that’s easier said than done.