BrandZ Top Netherlands Brands

Action climbs four places as 2020’s fastest riser, while CoolBlue’s outstanding customer experience and’s progressive initiatives welcome them into the 2020 BrandZ Dutch Top 30 ranking.

The key to any business’ success is how it is seen in the eye of its customer. BrandZ is the only brand valuation to consider both market sales and the opinion of the consumer. By analysing interviews with over 32,300 Dutch consumers BrandZ uncovers the trends driving brand growth in the Netherlands and identify high potential brands.

Read the report to discover which brands made this year’s ranking, what Dutch consumers really think of their most valuable brands, and the uniquely Dutch secret to success.


Thought Leadership

The Ultimate Balancing Act: Short-term and Long-term Results

Investing in your brand pays off, but BrandZ data shows that only a few brands are growing. Bram van Schaik says the key is to give just as much weight to the decisions that will impact the long-term as the short-term.


Where Is The Youth Leading Us?

Greta Thunberg symbolises a growing trend of young people who strive for a more sustainable & healthier life. Natasja van der Laan suggests for brands to succeed in the future, they must take responsibility for their environmental impact.


Marketers: Be Conservative!

Brand assets are the foundation of a brand and what sets you apart from the competition. Erzi Eleveld shares the 3Cs of good brand assets, and 5 tips to help treasure and nurture this most valuable tool in your arsenal.


Mastering Momentum As A Key To Success

Many companies have become risk-averse with a short-term outlook, focusing on incremental thinking rather than innovation. Hugo Schurink shares learnings from KLM and Heineken, two Dutch brands that have avoided falling into this trap.


Avoiding Stereotyping In Advertising Pays Off

As a progressive country, it is sometimes easy for The NL to slip into missing what still needs to be done. Niki Schoeder discusses how ads representing more equal gender roles prove more effective at driving brand growth.